Friday, August 27, 2010

Doing What They Like Best

Well, it's another day that I can't make up the bed! They look much too cute, too comfy for me to disturb them. I think they count on this!

I'm much happier NOT thinking about manipulation, so I tell myself "not to go there". Anything negative which I can't or won't do anything about just isn't worth thinking about.

Issey finds my studio to be much more interesting than his toy-box. (It's a GOOD toy box, with toys rotated so there will always be something 'new')

It seems to be a "mouth thing". He is either loudly letting me know what's on his mind (not enough food), or using his mouth as a vacuum cleaner! He forages for food, yes, but he also loves my art supplies. Tiny silk flowers, jewelry chains, stickers, brushes, pens, even bits of paper he redistributes all over the house after getting them down off my work table or removing them off my bulletin board. It is beginning to annoy me, but then I remind myself that he is going to be all grown soon enough! In a few days he will be 10 months old, and every day I have had him I've thought how incredibly cute and how incredibly smart he is. :-) It's not that I don't think as highly of my other kitties....It's just that he does "cute" so well, and is constantly with me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Typical Afternoon

Issey loves to take afternoon naps on this chair in the living room. When I came in with the camera he awakened, first looking at me and then across the room where Sophie lay napping.

Sophie's sleep doesn't last long, but she doesn't seem to mind! She is always ready to play.

While in the bedroom, Rudy and Santino are resting

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Issey Obnoxious?

Santino quietly playing by himself is a rare sight. It's a good thing that my camera was nearby, is usually the case....he was not alone more than a few seconds. :-)

Sometimes, I think, it's a toss-up between whether Issey is a wonderful playmate or a pain in the neck for least right now which must be Issey's adolescence. (I, of course, consider him my baby. I try very hard to not overdo this so his sibs won't resent him as happened with baby Blue) I admit that I think of Issey as being a bit obnoxious these days.

Santino makes for a sweet, patient older "brother". He does extract his daily treats as well as a long brushing session from me, though, which I see as being well balanced. He knows how to take care of his own needs. :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funny Baby

Mom says I am a funny boy. She is crazy for me! I am crazy for her! I am always the first to greet her when she opens her eyes in the morning.

Ooooh, this rug feels so good! It's my favorite!

I've got the longest tail of anybody!!! But I can't believe she took a picture of my butt!

MOM! Please clean my butt!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Dream of Sophie

Sophie likes to hang out "under cover" when I'm up and moving around.....just in case I decide to grab her and do terrible things to her. I believe she knows better, but can't help herself. Kitty post-traumatic stress disorder.

Occasionally I think about how Sophie would feel in my arms. She wouldn't be smooth and solid like Issey, and she wouldn't be heavy and lumpy like Rudy. Fluffy like Santino perhaps, but heavier, but would her hair be silky? It's impossible to tell how much kitty is underneath the hair.

I may actually KNOW. Sophie sidled up to me until she was pressed flat against my body. I slowly reached out and touched her lightly. She purred, and I dared a couple of strokes. She was smaller that Rudy, larger than Santino, and her hair was coarse. She smelled wonderful. And then I woke up. I was smiling. :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cats In Contemplation

Cats are usually active or they are sleeping.....or, at least I thought so until I started paying more attention. Cats also contemplate, sometimes even appearing to meditate. On occasion of the latter, they cannot be raised out of their trance by voice alone.

If for any reason you just can't stand it when thus ignored, then chicken works in this house. Except for Sophie. All I need to do to rouse her is to walk over to her. ( sigh) I have found her sleeping against my bed pillow, which I took to mean that she really would like being close to me.