Saturday, December 25, 2010

Catnip Capers

I made sure to have good food on hand, but daughters got the kitties real presents! Their favorites are a little furry thing which makes mouse noises when batted around and a fur mouse which opens for stuffing with fresh catnip. Issey loved the latter.

Drunk with catnip, he fell into the washing machine full clothing in soapy water when I opened the lid to put something else in. So, for Christmas I got to see a flying soapy cat! :-) I think he blames the mouse as he hasn't gone near it since.

Wishing everyone laughter and joy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Issey In Charge

My cats let me know what they want in no uncertain terms. Yes, always. I may be slow in "getting it", and even after I do, I try to hold fast to what I want. After all, aren't I the Alpha Human?

It appears that I'm not. In this regard, my relationship with my cats is similar to what it was with all the men with whom I ever lived. They told me what they wanted, and I did it so they'd be happy and I then I could do what I wanted. Unless I make them happy first, it's one continuous pester! (I think I need a therapist, only they are such bad examples themselves that I can't put my faith in them. It's kind of like saying "I want my MOTHER!", knowing full well that she would be totally vexed and perplexed. )

Issey now lets me sleep. No more waking me early in the morning. No more not allowing me to take a nap of reasonable length. Thanks to advice from Virginia, I feed him more. He is getting fat, he farts more, but oh, is he happy. Peace. We have peace.
Who would ever believe this sweet baby (look at his paws) is in charge of one human and 3 cats? And, none of us mind? His purr could melt a heart made of ice.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poop Trails

Chem trails above, poop trails below! Fortunately, the latter, though gross, do not happen frequently.

But, what is a clean, indoor cat to do? Would I really want them to lick their butts and then come kiss me? I think not. I don't like the entire business. If it's not the bedroom carpet, it's my bed, and I'd rather spot clean the carpeting than watch king sized quilts or sheets.

It's only been 7 years that I have begun keeping my cats strictly indoors, though back in the days that they (not my present feline family!) were allowed to venture out....they always came in to use the litter box! My point is that who knows why this is something new for me.....What does it mean? Who is the culprit? Can I do something to make it stop?

Friday, December 3, 2010

What Happened?

I see Sophie looking particularly cute, so I grab the camera while talking to her softly. Issey appears out of nowhere, asking me if I don't think he is cute, too. But, that's only the beginning.....

He hops on Sophie's back and bathes her for a short while.
Sophie never protests, choosing to leave instead. Prince of the high perch, Issey, surveys his kingdom.

I've got a problem here. Issey is so cute, and so sweet that I cannot get mad at him....ever. But, now he won't let me sleep, not in the morning and not in the afternoon. Even though there's dry food available always and I don't feed wet in the morning, he wakes me. He wants me up and he wants me to put out FRESH dried food. In the afternoon he wakes me to give him dinner. Trying to break him of this habit, I have tried not feeding him immediately after my waking, but I can't tolerate the loud yowling for long. He can go on like that (loud Siamese howling) for an hour easily.

What happened to my being Queen?