Friday, December 24, 2010

Issey In Charge

My cats let me know what they want in no uncertain terms. Yes, always. I may be slow in "getting it", and even after I do, I try to hold fast to what I want. After all, aren't I the Alpha Human?

It appears that I'm not. In this regard, my relationship with my cats is similar to what it was with all the men with whom I ever lived. They told me what they wanted, and I did it so they'd be happy and I then I could do what I wanted. Unless I make them happy first, it's one continuous pester! (I think I need a therapist, only they are such bad examples themselves that I can't put my faith in them. It's kind of like saying "I want my MOTHER!", knowing full well that she would be totally vexed and perplexed. )

Issey now lets me sleep. No more waking me early in the morning. No more not allowing me to take a nap of reasonable length. Thanks to advice from Virginia, I feed him more. He is getting fat, he farts more, but oh, is he happy. Peace. We have peace.
Who would ever believe this sweet baby (look at his paws) is in charge of one human and 3 cats? And, none of us mind? His purr could melt a heart made of ice.

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  1. Virginia TorschJanuary 02, 2011


    That was a fairly simple solution with Issey!! You are not showing him so it doesn't really matter if he gets a little fat and if it makes him happy then you are happy!!