Friday, December 25, 2009

Every Day Christmas

Last night Santino found a about a 8 inch length of ribbon, racing through the house with it!  I laughed out loud because he was so cute and because it reminded me of this picture I had seen.With no tree and without any presents, he hunted and bagged a ribbon!

Today, my kitties got cozy naps, chicken, a scrubbed out drinking fountain, a sparkling clean litter pan with fresh litter, and...of course....playtime with me and party snacks. Much to their delight, I hauled out toys they had shoved under couches, chairs, and into closets.  Every day is Christmas for them!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rudy is FINE!

No, this is not a huge spider by a dead kitty though if looks a lot like it.  This is my Rudykitty napping in the sun.

It took me a while, but I figured it out!  Reluctant to change to all wet food, especially  prescription wet food, and even more turned off by the thought of having to cook for my cats.....(yeah, they all expect to be loved EQUALLY!), I continued to ponder the possibilities.   I decided to put off any exploration (heartworm, IBS, etc. etc.) that the vet wanted to do ......It just did not feel right to put a cat with no other symptoms of illness through the stress....nor to impoverish my finances.  Did not make sense and did not feel least for now.

And then one day last week, I GOT IT!  Why was the vomiting intermittent?    Why was there vomiting for days and days and then none?  What was different?  The food was the same.  Instead of reaching for all the possibilities...and I had researched vomiting in cats.....I looked for what changed in the environment.  It is the treats!  Oddly enough, it is ALL "organic, natural" treats.  It is also foods which are so labeled!

Rudy is allergic to "natural and organic" food!  How strange is that?!!!!  Three tiny "organic" treats will produce vomiting of his entire stomach contents.  I have tested him twice....enough....I don't need to test my theory any longer.  It's Friskie's party mix now!  Run of the mill food, too....No more fancy "good" stuff.  We are Friskie and very happy here!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blue-Eyed Cats

Santino was sleeping on the winter afghan I had just put on the couch when I approached with the camera.  He got halfway up, in readiness to take his leave.  I said "Stay!" and took the photo.

That was enough for him. and he promptly left to parts unknown where he would not be bothered.

When I look at photos of him, he does not look happy...and, yet, he IS.  Why is he so different in pictures?

Is he really sick and I have been missing it?  Is he cold?  Does he hate the camera THAT much?  Oh...and those have been my thoughts about Miki, who avoids the camera, too!

I am extraordinarily slow at times.  What do the two cats have in common besides me and the camera?  Their Siamese heritage and their sensitive blue eyes!  I feel so much better!  THIS problem is solvable, I think.  Will do some research about options.

Sophie isn't a model and Rudy is not a ham....Well, maybe, they are, but it's not the reason why they don't cower or run from the camera.  The flash does not bother them! 

Neither Miki nor Santino have ever looked directly into the camera. And, neither do I when I know to expect a flash!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santino is One!

Today is Santino's first birthday!  I sang to him and gave him extra treats.  He will get turkey for dinner....I tell him it's Texas chicken and he loves it.

I wish I could get a photo of him which shows how handsome he is.  He does NOT like the camera with its flash!  And, the flash doesn't like him.  Why his eyes wind up as red glowing coals and Miki's blue eyes do not, I don't understand.

Miki also does not like the camera.  These two are actually very much alike!  Both like laps, both like cuddling.  

Santino and Sophie were curled up together again today.  As I stood up on the couch so I could take a photo of Santino wrapped up in Sophies's arms...(paws?)  they woke up and shifted.,   It's our coldest day since early February, and Santino is a lucky kitty to have someone who loves to snuggle him. when I can't. 

Rudy, the eternal ham quickly ran over and posed himself!