Friday, December 25, 2009

Every Day Christmas

Last night Santino found a about a 8 inch length of ribbon, racing through the house with it!  I laughed out loud because he was so cute and because it reminded me of this picture I had seen.With no tree and without any presents, he hunted and bagged a ribbon!

Today, my kitties got cozy naps, chicken, a scrubbed out drinking fountain, a sparkling clean litter pan with fresh litter, and...of course....playtime with me and party snacks. Much to their delight, I hauled out toys they had shoved under couches, chairs, and into closets.  Every day is Christmas for them!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rudy is FINE!

No, this is not a huge spider by a dead kitty though if looks a lot like it.  This is my Rudykitty napping in the sun.

It took me a while, but I figured it out!  Reluctant to change to all wet food, especially  prescription wet food, and even more turned off by the thought of having to cook for my cats.....(yeah, they all expect to be loved EQUALLY!), I continued to ponder the possibilities.   I decided to put off any exploration (heartworm, IBS, etc. etc.) that the vet wanted to do ......It just did not feel right to put a cat with no other symptoms of illness through the stress....nor to impoverish my finances.  Did not make sense and did not feel least for now.

And then one day last week, I GOT IT!  Why was the vomiting intermittent?    Why was there vomiting for days and days and then none?  What was different?  The food was the same.  Instead of reaching for all the possibilities...and I had researched vomiting in cats.....I looked for what changed in the environment.  It is the treats!  Oddly enough, it is ALL "organic, natural" treats.  It is also foods which are so labeled!

Rudy is allergic to "natural and organic" food!  How strange is that?!!!!  Three tiny "organic" treats will produce vomiting of his entire stomach contents.  I have tested him twice....enough....I don't need to test my theory any longer.  It's Friskie's party mix now!  Run of the mill food, too....No more fancy "good" stuff.  We are Friskie and very happy here!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blue-Eyed Cats

Santino was sleeping on the winter afghan I had just put on the couch when I approached with the camera.  He got halfway up, in readiness to take his leave.  I said "Stay!" and took the photo.

That was enough for him. and he promptly left to parts unknown where he would not be bothered.

When I look at photos of him, he does not look happy...and, yet, he IS.  Why is he so different in pictures?

Is he really sick and I have been missing it?  Is he cold?  Does he hate the camera THAT much?  Oh...and those have been my thoughts about Miki, who avoids the camera, too!

I am extraordinarily slow at times.  What do the two cats have in common besides me and the camera?  Their Siamese heritage and their sensitive blue eyes!  I feel so much better!  THIS problem is solvable, I think.  Will do some research about options.

Sophie isn't a model and Rudy is not a ham....Well, maybe, they are, but it's not the reason why they don't cower or run from the camera.  The flash does not bother them! 

Neither Miki nor Santino have ever looked directly into the camera. And, neither do I when I know to expect a flash!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santino is One!

Today is Santino's first birthday!  I sang to him and gave him extra treats.  He will get turkey for dinner....I tell him it's Texas chicken and he loves it.

I wish I could get a photo of him which shows how handsome he is.  He does NOT like the camera with its flash!  And, the flash doesn't like him.  Why his eyes wind up as red glowing coals and Miki's blue eyes do not, I don't understand.

Miki also does not like the camera.  These two are actually very much alike!  Both like laps, both like cuddling.  

Santino and Sophie were curled up together again today.  As I stood up on the couch so I could take a photo of Santino wrapped up in Sophies's arms...(paws?)  they woke up and shifted.,   It's our coldest day since early February, and Santino is a lucky kitty to have someone who loves to snuggle him. when I can't. 

Rudy, the eternal ham quickly ran over and posed himself!

Monday, November 30, 2009

We Survived

Rudy loved having visitors to play with!  After a few days, Miki started making use of the extra laps available. Both daughters are smitten by him. since they grew up with and have sweet memories of a sealpoint Siamese.  It was fun hearing them trade 'cat memories'. 

Both Sophie and Santino were out in the kitchen the last evening and the last morning our company was here, at least for the time that Nate was sitting down and not in motion.:-)  

I know you are going to think I am imagining this, but Santino is visibly happy to have his mommy back!  He missed all the cuddling we do during the day. All of us survived!:-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lots of Laughter

I laughed out loud when I saw this cartoon.  Isn't it great????  Or, was it simply the timing, because I am so happy to have my daughter and grandson here from CA!   Rudy is in heaven!  What a social butterfly he is!   It's a bit much for Miki and Santino, though both appeared for petting last night as we were all watching "The Singing Revolution".  Nate says that in the morning, all four cats are in the hallway waiting on him and he has been allowed to even pet Sophie.  My grandson never fibs.  Really.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Most Handsome Kitties

When I go to the vet with a sick cat, I always say "Oh, please save him !  He is my favorite!" Then, when I go to post a photo, I always think "Oh, look at this. He is my most handsome kitty!"  No matter which of my cats I am referring to, it's the truth!

So, just look at my Santino!  He is SO handsome!!!

Here he is in the early morning light on top of the kitchen bar counter.  A rare shot of him looking pensive. Usually he is either sleeping or on the move.

Prince Rudy, feelin' just fine.  I,m not forgetting his health issues as I'm not forgetting my own.  I practice a kind of triage here.....Whatever needs my attention right now, gets it and the rest I chip away at more gradually. 

Look at Rudy with the most amazing coloring!  He is so incredibly handsome!  I guess "striking" would be a more accurate term.  I hope he will still like Nate, my grandson who arrives late afternoon.  The last time he was here...3 years ago....he was the cat whisperer for both Rudy and Blu.  It should be fun for all of us, though Sophie may go live under my bed for the duration. These days she knows she needn't be afraid.....I can SEE her going "Oh, that was silly of me!....but continues to run and hide from me.  I just tell her she is loved and we go on.......

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Rudy is not sick.  I am not sick.  Rudy is not well. I am not well.  Both of us lead life as if we are.  It's the best way, I think.

Some days are better than others, of course, but that's life for pretty much everyone.  The most important thing is to rest when tired and play at least a little every single day. We do that here. :-)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Times

Miki watches Sophie and Santino play....and, yes, something in his mind has been triggered and he is playing!

Yesterday he fetched a toy and brought it to me to throw and, of course, I was happy to oblige!!!  It's been a very long time since we've played this game. Miki fetches better than any dog I have ever had, placing the object into my hand each and every time. Zippy used to fetch, also.....but, Miki is more consistent.  And, today, he and Sophie played with the same little furry mouse together.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

How Do Cats Learn?

Cats, like children, learn by imitation.  They tend to copy our energy, becoming nervous when we are upset...but, mostly they copy behavior  from each other.  Some behaviors are learned only if there is some related prior experience.  For instance, Sophie loves to gaze out the windows.  She mostly watches nearby bugs as well as the little lizard which likes hangs out right outside the bedroom window. 

Sophie spent time outdoors before she joined us, and she knows at what she is looking.  Miki has not been outside for the past 5 years and showed no interest in anything beyond his safe interior, learned to look out the window from Sophie.  Does he recognize what he is seeing.?  Does he recall what he learned about bugs, and lizards in his first two years?  I think so.

Both Rudy and Santino have been curious about the windows in which Sophie and Miki spend much time, but neither is at all interested.  Yes, they react if they spy immediate movement, but lose interest almost immediately.  The movement catches their attention but not meaning. 

Rudy has always scratched the floor around any food which he does not like, very clearly labeling it "POOP:".
Neither Santino nor Sophie made such comments in the beginning, but both do now.  I am hoping that Miki won't pick up this rude habit! :-) 

Miki has, however, picked up Santino's penchant for draping himself over my shoulder.  If Santino is heavy, Miki has him beat by at least a pound. or two.  Arggggghhhh!    On the positive side is that Rudy has become more affectionate! 

No one has copied Santino in begging, also a good thing.  They are happy to let Santino do that and simply come running when they hear him! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat Show

My daughter and I attended a big cat show in Austin last week-end.  I must admit, this is much more fun if one isn't already maxed out on the number of cats one can have. I reminded myself that I didn't have to bring them all home in order to enjoy them while there.  The shift was successful and I spent the rest of the time admiring as though they were run-way models.  Some of them really could have been!  And, in actuality, as much as I admire the beauty of many types of cats, I would only choose a Balinese. 

I was not even tempted as there were no Balinese there, only Orientals with wonderful large fly-away ears.:-)  Yes, I love that angular look!  I also love the look of Norwegians, and Main Coons and...Just not crazy over the mushed in faces in huge balls of fluff, but have known enough people who adored theirs to know they make excellent pets for some.  What am I saying?  It's ALL good!::-)  Santino would not have cared for this gig, though I'm sure he would have come home with a few neat looking ribbons.  I could always make him some!:-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Santino and Family

This is Santino, Sr. from Sweden. Does he speak with an accent, I wonder...
Below is a current picture of my Santino.  Allowing for the differences in lighting, he sure looks a lot like his daddy! :-)

This is Gypsy, Santino's mom, with a current litter of kittens. (I picked the photo off Facebook....therefore the small size)

When my Santino first joined us, he was really taken by Miki who, unfortunately, wasn't the least bit interested.  Gypsy, a Siamese, looks a lot like Miki.  Are you confused?  Well, it's all just the way it was meant to be. :-)  

Lined up like little burritos are Gypsy's new kittens, Santino's half brothers and sisters.

(all photos, except the current photo of Santino, Jr., were taken by Virginia Torch)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty Girl Sophie

My daughter, Sophie, would be an excellent model for a Tuxedo Cat Calendar.  She is so photogenic!  Besides, she doesn't move when I approach with the camera as do the boys.  Of course, it could be because I don't say "pretty boy" in a baby voice to them.  (Santino is "sweet baby", but he's not into posing so much.)

She is such a good cat!  She will let me know when it's time for their wet food dinner snack, but she sits aside, always allowing Santino to eat what he wants first.  She could easily qualify for "sweet baby"...and may, yet.  She now has moved all the way up to my knees, (touching me outside the covers) when we are in bed.  I make no attempt to touch her, waiting for her to let me know when she is ready.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 11 months Birthday!!!

Yes, Sophie really did want to know what that thing on Santino's neck was.  (Mommy sitting on the floor singing "Happy Birthday" was pretty interesting, but why isn't she playing with mice? )

I've bought my last bag of kitten food, and soon maybe everyone will lose a little weight.  This isn't going to help me at all though since I have not gotten into the kitten food myself.  

Speaking of food, I left a new bag out on the table yesterday, and this morning I found it on the floor chewed open.  I guess it smelled more interesting than the food that was still in their bowls.  Naughty beasties!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The kitties and I had a quiet evening....the kind we we like best.  I felt a bit guilty when the doorbell rang at 8:30 and I didn't answer....but that was the ONLY group of trick or treaters which came by.  Ridiculous hour, if you ask me....but, no one did.
A friend posted her costume of a crazy cat lady.  Just why having lots of cats would earn one that designation I don't understand......It could be that WE are the sane ones!
This morning I woke up very cold.  Miki and Santino were glued to me.  Uh oh!  Winter is here, I thought.  Indoor thermostat read 76.:-)  We need to hurry up our acclimatization.  I notice that Santino and Sophie have longer hair.  They look wonderful, but I can't say that I want that for myself.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Issues

Yesterday I did not clean up a particularly voluminous vomit of Rudy's right away, forgetting all about it, and guess it...slid on it in bare feet, adding my spilled coffee to the mess.  Still, it was an easy clean-up, and it served as a "wake-up" to take him to the vet.

I love my present vet...Dr. Dougie.  (Oh, they are all so young these days!)  It's just that I don't have the stamina to take on any more chronic health issues, though denying them doesn't work.  First of all, Rudy is feeling great, playing and eating as always.  It's just that I can see that his gums are somewhat inflamed, he has a nonproductive hacking cough and frequent projectile vomiting....but, not every day.

Rudy weighed in at 12 pounds!  It's the heaviest he has ever been! At least two, if not 3, pounds overweight.   The diagnosis:  Stomatitis (the dreaded word!)...a mild case...and asthma. Vomiting is possibly a food allergy or a "simple" matter of eating too fast.
He will be 6 next month, on Thanksgiving.....Much too young for such chronic issues. (Zippy was 15 when he got stomatitis) He is also much too fast and much too willful to be treated with an inhaler or with oral medication.  We settled with a steroid shot.  Now, to stay on top of this.....
So, now we are both taking steroids! :-(  Yuck! 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Growing Into a Princess

If only Sophie allowed me to touch her (I come close!), I could give her some princess lessons, but, instead, she has to learn by herself.  I can't imagine what her life must have been before she came to live with us! 

She has finally learned that I will never disturb her up on my bed.  And, yes, she is allowed on every piece of furniture which she tests out one by one.  With each piece she has tested out, she gets a look of panic and runs when she sees me.  Next, comes a period of watching me carefully....always on alert to make a run for it....until, finally, she believes it's truly o.k. to be there.  She now has claimed my bed, a bench, the couch in the T.V. room, the guest bed,  the chest in the livingroom....with another chair and livingroom couch to go. 
She has sat on the high bar counter in the kitchen and watched me cook.....but very furtively.  No other counters have been tried, and she received a firm No to the kitchen table. Even kitty princesses to not get that privelege, and, not even Santino!

Sophie has mastered turning up her nose at food, copying Rudy by scratching the floor all around it in a "must cover this up" motion.  She joins the boys when it's treat time, but refuses to beg like they do. Her Royal Highness in Training won't move more than a couple to inches to pick up her treat, while the boys will claim theirs from anywhere if I throw it in order to tire them out just a little before I go to bed.  Oh, Sophie CAN move, and she can move fast, but she reserves that for play with Santino.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kitty Bonding

Before I left my brood of 4 for three days, Rudy never spent the night on my bed....always choosing to go off somewhere to sleep alone.  Princess Sophie would start the night out on my bed, but in the morning when I awakened, it was always just Santino and loyal, cuddly bed-cats. 

Now the four are sticking together!  All four on the bed for naps, all four there in the morning when I wake up, and even milling around in a group. Of course, I find this incredibly cute. :-) 

As with a lot of good things, there is a downside to this, but there's no point in worrying about the future which always does it's own "thing", and not what one anticipates.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simply Wonderful!

Not only did I have a fabulous time, but my worries over leaving Santino were unnecessary!
He was no different on my return than if I'd only been gone a very short time....happy to see me, giving me lots of head butts, and wanting to be held and snuggled, all for a while, and then off on his own business.

Here is the note from the cat sitter who stayed here.  ( Here in Texas, it's rare to find someone who can even recognize a bonafide Siamese cat, and you can forget about distinguishing a Balinese from a Siamese. LOL)

"Santino is probably the most lovable cat I've ever met ( except for Blu) he was pretty snuggly too, like I said I never get to hug on Cats like that...a real treat for me. I always think the  next time I "need " a cat, I'll get a siamese like yours, but I always end up at the shelter taking the loneliest  cat I can find.....or picking one up from the street ( that's where most of my cats come from...they find me..."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving Baby

Here you see my Santino at 7 months,
below is Santino, Sr. as a kitten.  Going by these two photos, Jr. appears to have a more triangular face....not that it matters in the least to me.  Both are handsome boys.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Houston for 3 full days.  It will be the first time of leaving Santino.  I wanted to wait until he was at least a year old, but the International Quilt Festival calls.  Besides, I was going a bit stir-crazy. 

Oh, what will be think?  I hope he isn't too anxious.  I have a good cat sitter who will be sleeping here, and she will see to all of the cats physical needs, but she is very different from me.  I pad around the house quietly, the TV is seldom on, and I speak quietly.  I don't pick up my cats at will, and cuddle them when it suits their likes.  My sitter likes cats very much, but I would say she would be best friends with dogs, not cats.  But, she is good-hearted and I can count on her to be here as agreed on.   sigh....

Sophie doesn't come to me for hugs, so I'm not worried about her, and the older boys know the sitter well.  They both came within her grabbing distance when she came to get the key a couple of days ago.  Amazingly, Rudy did not go berserk when she picked him up! :-) 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He's Such an ANIMAL!

This is Rudy, my rude ruddy Abyssinian.  If Rudy were human he would definitely be on medication.

Until he was two, he seldom slept, always being in non-stop motion, most of that taking place several feet off the ground.  At five, he is much easier to live with, though of all my cats, he doesn't care much...if at all...whether I approve or not of his behavior.  When he is sharpening his claws on the furniture, a shouted "NO!" or a spray of water has not effect whatsoever.  I have even thrown a magazine at him, but unless it's a direct hit, he ignores it. So far, none of the solutions I've tried have worked. He is a very determined cat!

I believe he would have been happier as a shop cat, where he would have had constant social interaction and admiration which he craves.  But, that was not his fate, and mine was not to have pristine furnishings.

I've also learned to accept that there's no way to get him to stop inhaling his food whole and to keep him from vomiting it back in due time. It's part of our routine. I accept. I adjust. I am adaptable. 

And, then there's all the other, more gross stuff.  When he's in the litter box, he make the litter fly out the opening,   So far, no solutions have worked.. Every solution brings a different problem. He would drink only from running water, and since I feared his getting dehydrated, I would let him drink out of the bathroom faucet.  I solved that issue by getting him a fountain.  He no longer tries to drink from the stream of water when I am using it, but can't resist licking the faucet thoroughly after I have turned it off.  No harm done....unless one thinks about all the germs on the tap.  That very same tongue may have licked his butt only a minute ago. 

Rudy has a very wet tongue, drippy wet.  He likes to stand up in back of me when I'm seated and lick my neck. One lick calls for a towel!  Yesterday, I caught him licking my cloth napkin.  I couldn't help but wonder how many times he had done this without my catching him.....At night he nuzzles in my hair, and yes, licks it.  This morning I was awakened by his bathing my arm-pit.

All of it adds up to a dull undertone of annoyance which I ignore, but, of course, I know that these "little" annoyances in life all add up.  It's, it feels deal with it when the annoyances are so small and when one loves the person causing them, whether he wears fur or not.

Monday, October 5, 2009


My baby boy had his ten month birthday October, 2nd.  I gave him extra kisses and sang "Happy Birthday" to him, but...this b'day photo.  I have had plenty of mind never ceases to churn them out....but, have not been feeling energetic enough to put anything into action.

These are Santino's siblings and cousins, and baby Santino is somewhere in the happy pile. The photo was taken by Virginia Torch, the original Mama of all. (How I wish I could see how they have grown!  Are they as gorgeous as Santino?)

I have wanted to do another post about nature vs. nurture.....but, unfortunately...did not note my ideas.  I do think that whatever is generally said about cats does not hold true of the breeds.  They do not have independent natures, and, I believe, want very much to please us.  (Not Rudy!)  They are sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily.  I am hoping that Virginia will add a lot of her own observations to this.

Another subject in which I am very interested is why cats who are obsessive compulsive by nature are considered "normal", whereas obsessive compulsive behavior in humans is reason for therapy and/or medication.  What else are cats getting away with? :-)  Shouldn't we cut people just as much slack? Or, is the key element "nature"?  Humans are not obsessive compulsive by nature.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Sweet, Beautiful Kitties

We are a happy family!  The kitties have been especially happy the past several days as I've had the flu and there has been either a prone body or at least a lap available.  I didn't mind a bit. 

Speaking of laps, Santino and Miki both are lap kitties, not that I generally sit often.  Santino is insistent, and if I refuse to make a full lap available to him, he drapes himself over my shoulder.  He is as cuddly as the best stuffed toy, and as silky soft as an Angora rabbit.  Miki's body is firmer, more muscular and his coat is velvet.  Rudy sleeps next to me but insists I keep hands off.  I yearn to cuddle Sophie, but although I am now allowed very close, I still can't touch her.  She's completely comfortable with her brothers, though. :-)

There doesn't seem to be an alpha cat here.  All four are gentle and friendly with each other.  They could be jealous of Santino who plays "kissy-face" often with me, but Santino is equally affectionate with them, as well, and shows no favoritism to any one of the three.
I am a lucky Mom!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Goes On

I'm a bit slow with the camera, or, perhaps, it's that most of the time my cats ARE really resting.  This is the window on which I keep the blind pulled up so Sophie can see the flying insects in the flowers. It's my kitty T.V., only the others who have not been outside cats ever, aren't very interested.  They will watch a DVD with me before they'll spend time at the windows.

At this moment, Miki and Santino are curled up comfortable that they are two hours past their usual dinner time. :-)  while Rudy is throwing up in the hallway, and Sophie is looking at me beseechingly to feed her.  I'm going to do just that, and wake up the two sleeping boys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Miki arrived at our house as a 6 month old kitten, spitting and hissing like a dragon.  I actually thought about naming him "Dragon-Nail", which my daughter...then 5 yrs. old....had suggested I name her newly born sister. I have to admit I was a real idiot about doing the introductions and we were all lucky that Zippy took over as "Big Mom".

He wrapped Miki up in his paws and gave him a bath, visibly happy .  From then on, Zippy and Miki were inseperable.  I had not gotten a kitten for myself.....He was Zippy's precious "Mikimoto"... for the pearls...whom he taught how to fetch better than any dog, a game which we  played to my exhaustion.:-)    But, how do you say "no" to the most amazing azure blue eyes in the world?  

Though I was happy that Miki brought so much joy into Zippy's life, I was a bit worried about what might happen when Zippy died.  I spent more and more time with Miki, but I was clearly always his second choice.  When Zippy went to the Rainbow Bridge, I had prepared myself the whole 9 months of his illness, Miki searched and searched the house every night, all night long.  I would lie in bed crying more for Miki who was suffering than for Zippy.   

That was almost three years ago....or was it  only two???  Very gradually,  Miki's nightle searching and howling has decreased.   He no longer plays fetch....He seldom plays at all. Miki now sleeps up tight against me, preferring to be surrounded by my warmth, as in between my torso and arm, or nestled between my upper legs.  All goes well if I'm not having a restless night.  Santino would gladly cuddle with him, but he is clearly the baby, and so is Miki, I believe, in his own mind.  How long does a cat mourn?  If one is talking about a Siamese, perhaps it's forever.

My Siamese and my similarly sweet and loving.  They are the only ones there in the bed with me when I awake, both ready to greet me and be petted.   Yes, I love all four, but these two are extra special.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Rudy was a gift from Miki and Kobe's breeder, after Kobe died.  I wanted another Siamese, but she was now breeding Abyssinians only.  Rudy's mom had contracted a virus and the litter came out with various "defects" to render them worthless as show or breed cats.  The breeder had triumphed with Rudy's beautiful color, but he had a kinked tail. I had always though Abys to be exotically gorgeous cats, and I was thrilled.

Not for long.  Rudy was the kitten from hell.  He never slept.  He was never a kitten on steroids.  He was mostly air-borne, and did not walk the ground like ordinary cats.  Siamese are agile, and they did climb the draperies when little....This cat, however, was an athlete...and an arial walker.  He walked the drapery rods 8 feet high with the greatest of ease, infuriating Zippy and Miki who couldn't quite perform the same feats.
Rudy's jumps spanned an easy 10 feet horizontally, and that was mid-air....from the tops of furniture to furniture, frequently flying right over my head.  I believe he liked my reaction of horror, awe, amazement, and surprise, aptly expressed by a scream.  Yes, he got off on it, I was convinced!

He rode most of the trip from California to Texas in the litter box., filling the van with an incredible noxious stench.  While Miki was happier than I had seen him in years on the long trip, Rudy had stress diarrhea.  He still gets the "runs" if stressed.  Now, at almost 5 years old, he has calmed down a lot, and is a good companion who is always near me, always alert and interested.  (He can't, however, be bothered with doing anything but gulping his food whole....which he then vomits back up ...also whole.)

He is very social, never having met a human or another cat he doesn't like.  When Nate was a toddler, Rudy allowed him to throw crayons at him.  He assists all workmen who come into the house, greets every guest, and nurtures kittens....well, at least the two Balinese, first Blue and now Santino.  He loved both kittens, growing tired of them only when he discovered they were here to stay.  Now he screams like a banshee when Santino jumps on him.  He doesn't go after him, though.  Very sweet....He has begun bathing Santino and Miki, both.

He manages to sleep on my head at night....and licks me with an incredibly wet tongue whenever he can get away with it.  I appreciate him (now) and I love him.  He is drop-dead gorgeous, his coloring so beautiful it almost takes my breath away, but Abys as a breed are "foreign" to me....perhaps, only so because of a lifetime with Siamese.

Rudy has always loved water.  He likes to drink out of a running stream, so he has his own fountain.  In the mornings, he hops into the shower, looking up and carefully gauges how much time he has after I turn on the water.  He loves this game, though I still have not figured out quite what the point is.  He seems he is daring the shower to get him wet.:-)

His interest in water has contributed to my downfall on his training.  I've always used a water spray bottle as "enforcer" of household rules.  Rudy loves the bottle!  I had to stop using it because rather than a deterrent, it was a wonderful game for him.  This, and his personality....completely absent any desire to please me....makes him a challenge to love.  He is the only cat who continues to scratch furniture and walls, and wakes me in the middle of the night furiously emptying the litter box of litter.  His teeth are terrible, incurring large dental bills.  He will never allow himself to be held....never....and is feared by the vet staff who does not believe that he is not in any way a mean cat....just cannot stand being held. 

Yes, everyone who meets him falls in love and wants him.  I have offered to let him go several times, and just as quickly known that I cannot part with him.  I love him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sophie is a very even-tempered, loving kitty.  Even though I am still not permitted to touch her or even get very near...(Her personal space is now down to only 18" provided I am not looking at her.)....and, yet, I imagine she looks at me adoringly and would love to be closer to me if she only could.

This is a first for me.  She is the first cat with whom I have shared my house and my heart while not insisting on her physical closeness, accepting her exactly as she is.  I appreciate her gentleness and her extreme patience with her brothers, the spoiled princes.  I appreciate her playfulness and her good bathroom manners.  And, of course, she is beautiful.

Sophie shows no interest in ever going out the door, and yet she is the only one of my kitties familiar with the out of doors.  She prefers to enjoy it in safety, though....spending much time at the window looking and chattering at birds and bugs.  One of the bedroom windows is her favorite, as it is a particularly low one, so she can comfortable sit on the floor while looking out directly into a bush teeming with butterflies and other insects.  Kitty T.V.!  Speaking of which....last night, she watched a video. with me...from a safe distance, of course.  She would look at the T.V. and then at me...back and forth.  After a while Santino joined her and she wrapped him up in her paws. So, so sweet!!!!