Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sophie is a very even-tempered, loving kitty.  Even though I am still not permitted to touch her or even get very near...(Her personal space is now down to only 18" provided I am not looking at her.)....and, yet, I imagine she looks at me adoringly and would love to be closer to me if she only could.

This is a first for me.  She is the first cat with whom I have shared my house and my heart while not insisting on her physical closeness, accepting her exactly as she is.  I appreciate her gentleness and her extreme patience with her brothers, the spoiled princes.  I appreciate her playfulness and her good bathroom manners.  And, of course, she is beautiful.

Sophie shows no interest in ever going out the door, and yet she is the only one of my kitties familiar with the out of doors.  She prefers to enjoy it in safety, though....spending much time at the window looking and chattering at birds and bugs.  One of the bedroom windows is her favorite, as it is a particularly low one, so she can comfortable sit on the floor while looking out directly into a bush teeming with butterflies and other insects.  Kitty T.V.!  Speaking of which....last night, she watched a video. with me...from a safe distance, of course.  She would look at the T.V. and then at me...back and forth.  After a while Santino joined her and she wrapped him up in her paws. So, so sweet!!!!

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