Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitty Pica

Cat proofing a house is not a simple thing.  The logical items...logical to someone who raised 4 children...are easy....but only one of my children had a peculiar yen.. for dirt.  Even that was potted plants in the house.  Thank God, she grew out of it, but cats only get more enamored of their favorites, it seems.

 So far, Sophie is my only kitty who my of pica.  I wonder if purebred cats are especially given to this "disorder"?

Miki loves plastic bags.  He loves the odor and doesn't enjoy anything more than wrapping himself up in the heavenly scent.  At first, I just watched him, but when he became obsessed with all plastic bags, hunting them down, I became concerned and now lock them up.  Poor Miki. :-)
Rudy licks the emulsion on photographs.  Fortunately, there aren't too many here!  Old ones are stored in boxes, and new ones come off my Epsom printer.  Second rate ink, second rate emulsion on photo paper, Rudy says.  Just let him find a "real" photo and he grows ecstatic, leaving it very quickly dripping with saliva.

And, baby Santino eats sisal!  What am I going to do?  Replace the sisal scratching posts?  Geez!  Yesterday, I found him chewing on a woodsy decorative thing which he'd pulled off the table.  He didn't even look up as I snapped the photo, so engrossed he was.


Still, I consider myself  fortunate.  I once had a Siamese who ate all the fringe off decorative pillows. Now that was one expensive cat!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plumbing Fixtures & Cats

First about the cats.  I got a coupon for a free bag of Friskies.  Feeling quite guilty about giving my kitties junk food, (It is at least 15 years since I bought Friskies!) I mixed it with a bag of good food.  Oh, my!  Now all four eat breakfast while purring loudly.  Sophie is so happy that she comes within inches of my hands placing the food dish down.   Now I have spoiled them for sure!  What becomes of Royalty fed McDonalds?

Sophie continues testing whether she truly is allowed this luxury.  She is.  Soon I will find her on my bed pillow!  That's where I draw the line.  No food counters or tables, and no bed pillows.  No sharpening claws on furnishings. That's it!  Rudy is the only one who has trouble with the rules. :-)

Until a few days ago, Santino has been the one doing the kitty muggings.  Much to his delight, both Rudy and Miki have jumped on him from behind the last two days. (the weather warmed up and they are more active.)  Then they gallop through the house.....oh, how I love that sound!

So, fixtures....Well, sometimes it really pays to be a cat lady!  Yesterday I was purchasing a faucet and a sink at a plumbing supply dealer.  I had just been quoted a very reasonable price when the sales woman made reference to herself as a "crazy cat lady".  My response was that in my opinion it was all the ladies without cats who were crazy.  What I thought to be a somewhat humorous passing remark was followed by her telling me all about her 3 cats, including her daily routine of singing to them, the same song for each ritual.  

Secretly I thought "This is one crazy cat lady!"....but I reminded myself to allow her the pleasure.  It was such a small thing to allow her the pleasure of talking about her relationship with her cats!  And, guess what?  At the end she made me a plumber!!!  Yes, she gave me a plumber's wholesale discount! :-)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keeping Warm

Miki now would like to curl up with Santino, and it is the Prince who likes to grace everyone with his presence equally.  I still get a turn, but not as frequently since he became older.  He no longer clings, but still enjoys my snuggling with him.

It makes me so happy to see them all together in my bed!  Most days the bed doesn't get made because I don't have the heart to make them get up.!:-) 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pure-Bred Cats Are More Like Dogs

I find Sophie no less beautiful than my 3 purebreds.  She is also very sweet, murmurs little kitty sounds, and is an all-around good cat.


 I prefer pure-breds.  Yes, of course I want to save every single stray!  But, I feel no compulsion to pick up after other people in this way.  It is a long, expensive commitment to make. (And, of course, any stray kitty which appeared in my yard I would not allow to remain homeless)

People who have never shared their home with a good cat of a breed profile which meshes with their own personality, have no idea what's so wonderful about this.  They are often critical....and, at has been a challenge to not feel just a bit guilty.  Guilt is a strange thing....It's generally not logical.   (Toyota is the car for me.  Do I feel guilty because the American auto industry is suffering?. Nope.  It isn't that I'm never willing to mop up after's just that I have my limits.)

O.K., I feel guilty for wishing Sophie were more like a Balinese or Siamese.  Or, even an Abyssinian!  They all crave attention and interaction with me.  They are usually close-by if not actually ON me.  They are not at all independent as most people believe cats to be.  No, they are more like dogs:  They demonstrate emotions. 

If I want a pretty pillow, I will buy one that doesn't eat, pee, poop, shed, and go to the vet.  I know this isn't a fair comparison because I certainly like Sophie a lot more than any pillow I have ever had.  I'm just having a hard time with the fact that our relationship is so shallow.  She is happy with having a safe, warm home, a full tummy, and a litter box.....and, that's all.  The other three are happy to see me when I come home, usually greeting me at the door.  And, they are curious about my activities.  They come fetch me when it's treat time etc. etc.  They solicit me to play....and, they have a sense of humor!  (This morning I woke up with a white mouse tucked into my hair.:-) For them, I am not interchangeable with any other human who is kind to them.

It's not about one being "better" than the other....It's a matter of preference. and in my case, a strong preference.  It really isn't very different from relationships with humans. I have strong preference there, also.:-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Handsome Prince Santino

These are all photos taken since Christmas.  He is very sweet and affectionate and very spoiled....or, should I say "assertive"?

I would think the kids would be active in cold weather....but, they are sleeping more, and not necessarily in the sun.(LOVE those ears! It is, however, his sense of smell which is the most developed.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To Cuddle or Not

It's happened!  Santino has tried to curl up with Miki for some time now, but Miki...kind of set in his ways at seven, would not cooperate.  I think he was waiting on Zippy to return, although, I'm sure, he forgot just for what or whom he was longing.  It's been at least a month now that there has been no night yowling.  Instead, Miki has found a warm spot cuddled with me.

Today, I discovered that he has finally agreed to curl up with Santino!  Oh, the things that gladden a mother's heart!:-)

Rudy doesn't cuddle.  Oh, he thinks it might be nice, but then quickly changes his mind.  Perhaps, he doesn't get cold?  He lies next to someone, and once allowed Santino's arm slung over him.    
Miki and Rudy are nice to Sophie, but not affectionate.  Sophie is playful and there is no hissing when she runs into them.  But, Sophie is Santino's cat.  She treats him as her kitten, a very indulgent, sweet "mom-cat".  Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?  It really IS!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
- Albert Schweitzer

I am grateful for the time to really pay attention to my four cats because observing them brings me incredible joy! .I love watching as they sunbathe in the winter sun streaming in the windows.  They love warmth and so do I.

I love waking up with all of them in bed with me, their silken bodies pressed against me. No princess ever had more luxurious personal heaters.  And, they let me know by their loud purring that the appreciation is mutual.

In all my years with cats, I've never had a sweeter foursome.