Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plumbing Fixtures & Cats

First about the cats.  I got a coupon for a free bag of Friskies.  Feeling quite guilty about giving my kitties junk food, (It is at least 15 years since I bought Friskies!) I mixed it with a bag of good food.  Oh, my!  Now all four eat breakfast while purring loudly.  Sophie is so happy that she comes within inches of my hands placing the food dish down.   Now I have spoiled them for sure!  What becomes of Royalty fed McDonalds?

Sophie continues testing whether she truly is allowed this luxury.  She is.  Soon I will find her on my bed pillow!  That's where I draw the line.  No food counters or tables, and no bed pillows.  No sharpening claws on furnishings. That's it!  Rudy is the only one who has trouble with the rules. :-)

Until a few days ago, Santino has been the one doing the kitty muggings.  Much to his delight, both Rudy and Miki have jumped on him from behind the last two days. (the weather warmed up and they are more active.)  Then they gallop through the house.....oh, how I love that sound!

So, fixtures....Well, sometimes it really pays to be a cat lady!  Yesterday I was purchasing a faucet and a sink at a plumbing supply dealer.  I had just been quoted a very reasonable price when the sales woman made reference to herself as a "crazy cat lady".  My response was that in my opinion it was all the ladies without cats who were crazy.  What I thought to be a somewhat humorous passing remark was followed by her telling me all about her 3 cats, including her daily routine of singing to them, the same song for each ritual.  

Secretly I thought "This is one crazy cat lady!"....but I reminded myself to allow her the pleasure.  It was such a small thing to allow her the pleasure of talking about her relationship with her cats!  And, guess what?  At the end she made me a plumber!!!  Yes, she gave me a plumber's wholesale discount! :-)


  1. Virginia TorschJanuary 21, 2010

    I just love your cat stories1 Does that make us all crazy cat ladies??:):)

  2. I think it does make us all crazy cat ladies! In a nice way, of course. Too bad it doesn't make us all plumbers also .. a handy talent, but not nearly as warm and fascinating.

  3. Well, I'm definitely a crazy cat lady...and we only have one VERY spoiled cat! I'd have more, but when we adopted Sophie years ago, they warned us that she should be an only child as she does not play well with others.
    Great story & I love seeing all your sweet kitty pics.

  4. Before I made the "crazy cat lady" who made me a plumber, my definition of this designation was reserved for demented old women who had a hundred cats and lived in a house they never cleaned. My definition still does not include me or any of you three who commented.

    Unless, of course, there are things I don't know about you! Things like having the T.V. on a timer so you cats can catch their "favorite shows" have rituals, accompanied by specific songs you sing to them, dress them up and more along these lines. Any cat sitters hired must learn the routines, including the songs!

    I don't think I qualify as a "crazy artist, either"! Only people who liked neither cats or art would think of me as such.....
    more along these same lines.