Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To Cuddle or Not

It's happened!  Santino has tried to curl up with Miki for some time now, but Miki...kind of set in his ways at seven, would not cooperate.  I think he was waiting on Zippy to return, although, I'm sure, he forgot just for what or whom he was longing.  It's been at least a month now that there has been no night yowling.  Instead, Miki has found a warm spot cuddled with me.

Today, I discovered that he has finally agreed to curl up with Santino!  Oh, the things that gladden a mother's heart!:-)

Rudy doesn't cuddle.  Oh, he thinks it might be nice, but then quickly changes his mind.  Perhaps, he doesn't get cold?  He lies next to someone, and once allowed Santino's arm slung over him.    
Miki and Rudy are nice to Sophie, but not affectionate.  Sophie is playful and there is no hissing when she runs into them.  But, Sophie is Santino's cat.  She treats him as her kitten, a very indulgent, sweet "mom-cat".  Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?  It really IS!


  1. Virginia TorschJanuary 05, 2010

    Isn't it wonderful that Santino has a cat mom and now Miki to cuddle with!!

  2. Yes, it certainly is! Then again, what's there to not adore in him? Even Rudy allowed Santino's outstretched arm/paw on him.