Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday I was under the weather and really didn't want to be at work. But since we are self-employed I don't have the luxury of calling in sick. So I made myself a little bed and laid down for a while. I guess the phone rang or someone came in and I vacated the spot. When I went back to it I found that Leroy had claimed it for his own. He looked so comfortable that I left him alone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

All Is Well

It had been my intention to keep Sophie isolated in my office (specially set up for her comfort!) until she would allow me to touch her. Aside from seeing the good sense in that, those had been my instructions from the feral cat rescue people.

Instead, Sophie took things into her own paws and made her "prison break" last Friday. Yes, she ran right through my feet as I opened the door to her room, crying, "Mine, all mine, MY house! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!" :-) Rudy was delighted and romped after her. Miki looked a little disgruntled. All was well. All IS well. Sophie knows how to enjoy the house. I go to sleep and I wake to sweet little noises which Blu used to make....little grunts, and quiet chirrups. Kitten sounds.

When I loudly say "NO, Micki!", Miki comes to me, purring.....but, Sophie runs away scared. That's the difference between a cat who trusts and one who has been taught to fear.

My boys are much more active now.:-) I laugh as even Rudy has to get himself away from her at times. I think perhaps they are glad to let Sophie have their cat tree so they can get some rest. I spray cat phermones on a few places twice a day, and put stress Bach flowers into their drinking water. All is good.....except, she still will not allow me very close......3 feet if we're not playing, 1 foot if we are. She hasn't come into my studio yet, but all is well.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nigel Goes Shopping

Well normally Nigel stays home and sleeps and I do the errands. There is a renovated old mill / store, dog groomer, puppy school place not far from where I live called On Golden Paws. Nigel gets all his food there as I can get organic grain free food, both wet and dry and my boy loves to eat! Animals are always welcome. He was in the car because we had gone to visit my parents and they always enjoy a visit from their grandcat. I was talking to Kelly the owner of the store about needing a new harness as his highness has grown round this winter and he only gets out when he is on his leash. She had some new harnesses and when she heard he was in the car, she insisted that he come in and we would try things on before I bought one. Once in the store and with the harness chosen Kelly and her staff started to bring out the new cat toys to see if Nigel had a favourite. I said this was not fair. Everyone had a great belly laugh as Nigel played with this "Cheeping Chicken". IT IS ABOUT 1 1/2" high and has a sensor chip in it that is activated with movement. He was so happy to bring one home and played and played until he wore himself out. We'll see if the chicken wakes me up tonight. I do admit I am his human way more than he is my cat!Who owns who?Other folks must take there cats on visits. It can't just be me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Canadian Kitty, Nigel

I think I am photo challenged and am not sure why there is a line across Nigel's face, but you can also see that he is somewhat camera shy and was trying to ignore me. He is a Tonkinese and was a rescue cat 5 years ago. He is so happy that the bird feeders are full of migrating birds, if only now I would let him outside. He has had to learn to be out on a lease and harness because the last time he was a free range kitty he went down to the creek and tried to take on the muskrats that live there. That adventure cost me $800 to put him back together and 3 sleepless nights when he was at the animal hospital. So around dawn he wakes me each morning just to let me know there are birds outside. I keep a little cat nip in the night table and if I really need to sleep, I give him a bit and we are both happy again!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My kitties

These are my kitties. The grey stripe cat is Leroy. He was found on a Wal-mart parking lot in Clinton, MO when he was small enough to fit into my two hands. He is about 5 years now. The blonde is Lil Jo. I found her wandering along Fifth St. in Washington, MO. When I first spotted her she was trying to get into the front door of Jo's School of Dance, hence the name of Lil Jo.( DH calls her fluffy) I am guessing she about 3. I thought she was an itty bitty kitty when I found her but discovered that she was over 6 months old when I picked her up. (She had her adult teeth)
They both reside at my husband's Veterinary Clinic. They really enjoy sunning by the front door in the mornings. And really enjoy meeting all the people. When dogs come into the office they jump up on the counter and look over the edge at the dogs. Most dogs are curious and will lift their noses to sniff at the cats. With that the dogs get their noses slapped repeatedly....and very swiftly....LOL.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat Pheromones

Last night I went to bed despairing over ever making Sophie comfortable. It isn't that I took it personally.....I clearly know that I had nothing to do what happened to make her so mistrusting of humans. I was just despairing over my lack of skills and patience to wait months! A friend had just told me it might take a year.

This morning, I gambled $30 for a little bottle of cat pheromones which I sprayed 8" up from the floor on every furniture leg in Sophie's room. There's a noticeable difference! Sophie is now comfortable with me at 2 feet! I can move, even stand up, within 2 feet of her and she doesn't run away. Tonight I am going to spray it around for Miki in the hope that he will stop yowling and let me sleep. I wonder what would happen if I sprayed some on me?

My outdoor kitty

Hey Y'all...

I'm an equal opportunity cat lover! It is interesting how all the first cats on our blog were black & white...but I have an outdoor buddy who is the most beautiful orange tabby. "Stinky" lives next door to me & is an escape I also call him "Houdini". I don't see him much in the winter, but he loves to come sit with me whenever I'm outside. Yesterday was the most beautiful St. Patrick's Day I can remember in Cleveland, OH. It was sunny with blue skies & we actually got up to 67 degrees! I opened the windows, put the corned beef brislet into the oven...and headed outside. There was my kitty buddy at the side door...waiting for me! I pulled the table & chairs out onto the driveway...that's what functions as our patio here as we can't afford to put in a patio. I sat outside for a few hours enjoying the day...with Stinky right there by me. He's got a kitty friend, too...a dark tabby who is obviously a stray...and needs a bath...but he is friendly.
The pic above is a favorite pose for Stinky...he runs up to me as if I'm his long lost friend & then rolls over to have his belly rubbed. His favorite thing is sneaking into the house...he will sneak in & run right down to the basement & I have to shake a jar of kitty fud to get him out. Our Sophie does NOT play well with others, so I cannot let him into the rest of the house, but he still tries. He's even been meowing at our door at 3am trying to get in. His owners take really good care of him, but given the opportunity, he'd love to live here!
Here's to cats of all colors & breeds!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Integrated Blog

The comment was made that only black and white cats were featured.....this comment having been made by a gray tabby named Elsa whose nose must have been a little out of joint. This blog is open to cats of color....yes, "tabby" is a color, and so is "calico".

This is Miki (Mikimoto), the Siamese male drama queen who has kept me awake every night since Sophie joined our household. Sophie, being shut in her own apartment, isn't even anywhere near him!

This is Rudy, the red Abyssinian. Sophie is smitten with him....Actually, everyone who meets him is smitten with him. I am, too. :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

My beautiful Sophie the Cat

Hi from another crazy cat lady! I also grew up in a dogs only household, but once Sophie came into our lives, I don't know how I lived so long without a cat. While I love dogs, cats are so much more interesting to me. I think it's their independence...unless, of course, they NEED something. Sophie will wake us up by meowing into our ears or by batting us in the head with her paw if the meowing goes unheeded. She's a real character for sure & the love of our lives.

Sophie found us as we were visiting Operation Kindness in Dallas, TX to look for a cat...after spending time in the kitten room, I figured a cat was a better fit for us. She kept following us around, nuzzling her head into my hand. She was quite pathetic looking, as her side had been shaved while they nursed her back to health from some injury. One volunteer said they thought she may have been shot. We didn't make a decision that evening, but were back at the shelter when they opened the next day as I could not get Sophie out of my mind & knew she was the girl for us. Her name at the time was Socks II, which would never on the drive home, with her meowing all the way, Sophie came to my mind & Sophie it was!

Sophie moved with us from Dallas to Corona, CA as my carry-on luggage...meowing all the way! Then, 4 years ago, she rode in her carrier on my lap as we drove from CA to OH to move here to help my Mom. Sophie spends her days watching the birdies out the windows & sleeping in one of the many beds she has around the house. She lives quite the life but we always wonder what her life was like for the 3-4 years before she decided to live with us. We are owned by a very spoiled & well-loved cat!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

cats are healing!

It is so true cats are healing...My guys know when I don't feel well and will lay on matter where I am.... as soon as the purring starts I feel lighter...and eventually they can take my pain away! Ive learned to really pay attention to the purring and you can feel the energy move through you...they are indeed amazing!! I have had cats since I left home as a newlywed...Dad never allowed us to have any "ungrateful creatures" only dogs...but I sure have made up for lost time!! I always have more than one...My 2 old guys are my constant buddies...and entertainment! I cant imagine life without a cat!
Oh Chaska
HRH Sophie is beautiful. She is lucky to have come to live with you. His royal highness Nigel has spent the afternoon in the bay window on his kitty couch threatening the birds that are slowly coming back to the bird feeder and soaking up the sunshine. Please don't tell him there is a plate glass window between him and the birds and they can't hear him. I think this is a wonderful idea. A place to talk about our favourite four legged ones.

My New Baby

According to author Ted Andrews of Animal Speaks, cats wild of domestic, have certain qualities in common. They are associated with myth and lore, magic and mystery. Nine lives, curiosity, independence, cleverness, unpredictability and healing. Those with this medicine should also study its color, size and breed for a deeper understanding.

Cats have more rods in the retinas of their eyes which enable them to see effectively in the dark. Since the cat is at home in the dark, it serves as a valuable ally into the world of the supernatural and the unknown and can help those with this totem move through their fears efficiently.

The energy field of a cat rotates in a counterclockwise direction. Because of this, cats have the ability to absorb and neutralize energy that affects humans in a negative way. This is part of the healing medicine that the cat holds.


This is her Royal Highness, Princess Sophie. I thought I'd pulled the name out of "thin air", and then days later realized that is the name of an online friend's black and white cat....a cat whom she adores!

My Sophie is thought to be under a year old. She is in love with Rudy, but still afraid of me. It's taking all the patience I can muster to not grab her and hug her. :-) But, I must wait until she is ready. We are making progress.....Now she purrs for me, not just for Rudy.

I am always wanting to write about my cats, and so I came up with the idea of a shared blog with other crazy cat ladies. :-)