Monday, March 23, 2009

All Is Well

It had been my intention to keep Sophie isolated in my office (specially set up for her comfort!) until she would allow me to touch her. Aside from seeing the good sense in that, those had been my instructions from the feral cat rescue people.

Instead, Sophie took things into her own paws and made her "prison break" last Friday. Yes, she ran right through my feet as I opened the door to her room, crying, "Mine, all mine, MY house! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!" :-) Rudy was delighted and romped after her. Miki looked a little disgruntled. All was well. All IS well. Sophie knows how to enjoy the house. I go to sleep and I wake to sweet little noises which Blu used to make....little grunts, and quiet chirrups. Kitten sounds.

When I loudly say "NO, Micki!", Miki comes to me, purring.....but, Sophie runs away scared. That's the difference between a cat who trusts and one who has been taught to fear.

My boys are much more active now.:-) I laugh as even Rudy has to get himself away from her at times. I think perhaps they are glad to let Sophie have their cat tree so they can get some rest. I spray cat phermones on a few places twice a day, and put stress Bach flowers into their drinking water. All is good.....except, she still will not allow me very close......3 feet if we're not playing, 1 foot if we are. She hasn't come into my studio yet, but all is well.

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