Thursday, March 19, 2009

My kitties

These are my kitties. The grey stripe cat is Leroy. He was found on a Wal-mart parking lot in Clinton, MO when he was small enough to fit into my two hands. He is about 5 years now. The blonde is Lil Jo. I found her wandering along Fifth St. in Washington, MO. When I first spotted her she was trying to get into the front door of Jo's School of Dance, hence the name of Lil Jo.( DH calls her fluffy) I am guessing she about 3. I thought she was an itty bitty kitty when I found her but discovered that she was over 6 months old when I picked her up. (She had her adult teeth)
They both reside at my husband's Veterinary Clinic. They really enjoy sunning by the front door in the mornings. And really enjoy meeting all the people. When dogs come into the office they jump up on the counter and look over the edge at the dogs. Most dogs are curious and will lift their noses to sniff at the cats. With that the dogs get their noses slapped repeatedly....and very swiftly....LOL.

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  1. We have the cutest blog ever going here! Thank you so much for joining us, Dorothy!!!