Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nigel Goes Shopping

Well normally Nigel stays home and sleeps and I do the errands. There is a renovated old mill / store, dog groomer, puppy school place not far from where I live called On Golden Paws. Nigel gets all his food there as I can get organic grain free food, both wet and dry and my boy loves to eat! Animals are always welcome. He was in the car because we had gone to visit my parents and they always enjoy a visit from their grandcat. I was talking to Kelly the owner of the store about needing a new harness as his highness has grown round this winter and he only gets out when he is on his leash. She had some new harnesses and when she heard he was in the car, she insisted that he come in and we would try things on before I bought one. Once in the store and with the harness chosen Kelly and her staff started to bring out the new cat toys to see if Nigel had a favourite. I said this was not fair. Everyone had a great belly laugh as Nigel played with this "Cheeping Chicken". IT IS ABOUT 1 1/2" high and has a sensor chip in it that is activated with movement. He was so happy to bring one home and played and played until he wore himself out. We'll see if the chicken wakes me up tonight. I do admit I am his human way more than he is my cat!Who owns who?Other folks must take there cats on visits. It can't just be me.


  1. Nigel, you are certainly a handsome cat and very adept at socializing with humans. Did the muskrat encounter have anything to do with it? Never heard of a muskrat, but we were taught by momma cat to leave the possum and racoon alone. She also taught us not to get close to humans, so it has taken years to trust our BIG momma. We would trust her more if she were smarter. I've dictated 4 letters for this blog and only one has gone thru. But we, my sisters (and perhaps momma cat) are enjoying this blog and the px too.
    From Elsa (i was called LC until they found out i was a girl ....

  2. Nigel- I would like to see a picture of you and your chirping chicken. Please ask your mommma to post one. Thanks.