Monday, March 16, 2009

My beautiful Sophie the Cat

Hi from another crazy cat lady! I also grew up in a dogs only household, but once Sophie came into our lives, I don't know how I lived so long without a cat. While I love dogs, cats are so much more interesting to me. I think it's their independence...unless, of course, they NEED something. Sophie will wake us up by meowing into our ears or by batting us in the head with her paw if the meowing goes unheeded. She's a real character for sure & the love of our lives.

Sophie found us as we were visiting Operation Kindness in Dallas, TX to look for a cat...after spending time in the kitten room, I figured a cat was a better fit for us. She kept following us around, nuzzling her head into my hand. She was quite pathetic looking, as her side had been shaved while they nursed her back to health from some injury. One volunteer said they thought she may have been shot. We didn't make a decision that evening, but were back at the shelter when they opened the next day as I could not get Sophie out of my mind & knew she was the girl for us. Her name at the time was Socks II, which would never on the drive home, with her meowing all the way, Sophie came to my mind & Sophie it was!

Sophie moved with us from Dallas to Corona, CA as my carry-on luggage...meowing all the way! Then, 4 years ago, she rode in her carrier on my lap as we drove from CA to OH to move here to help my Mom. Sophie spends her days watching the birdies out the windows & sleeping in one of the many beds she has around the house. She lives quite the life but we always wonder what her life was like for the 3-4 years before she decided to live with us. We are owned by a very spoiled & well-loved cat!

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  1. I am so happy you posted a photo of Sophie I!!!
    THIS is the cat MY Sophie was named for....unintentionally, but for a good reason. I had been hearing about this wonderful black and white Sophie in a shared online group. May my Sophie turn out as nicely as this one has!