Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Four Kids

Sophie loves to lie on the living room floor, always in exactly the same spot.

Sometimes they are cooperative and sometimes not so much....just like humans! Rudy is jealous of Issey so I did not expect to see the two very close, but neither would even look at me when I called to them. It's this kind of behavior which prompts people to believe that cats are independent. I think of it more in terms of "free" or "healthy"....even as "having inner lives".

I looked at Issey and Santino together and said "awwwww". It will take Santino some time to learn that I no longer use the flash and it's safe for him to open his eyes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life Goes On

Two dishes of food, usually turkey or chicken in one, and beef, deer, or tuna in the other. They are soooooo happy! Rudy is the only one who would prefer to be alone when he eats, but since he is overweight, I am not inclined to oblige him.

Doesn't Issey look sweet? I love his folded paws.

Issey now weighs a little over 8 pounds. He still looks like he is all legs and people still refer to him as skinny. He is anything but skinny, but they don't have the opportunity to caress his solid silken body.

I have begun trying my shooting without flash. In this case, I got the image to be light enough by "pushing" it in my photo editing program...the simple one, not Photoshop which I keep avoiding as being too complicated.

Sometimes all the kitties, including Sophie, and I are in bed together. This morning I woke up with all of them, Sophie quite close. She even walked over me.:-)