Friday, March 20, 2009

Canadian Kitty, Nigel

I think I am photo challenged and am not sure why there is a line across Nigel's face, but you can also see that he is somewhat camera shy and was trying to ignore me. He is a Tonkinese and was a rescue cat 5 years ago. He is so happy that the bird feeders are full of migrating birds, if only now I would let him outside. He has had to learn to be out on a lease and harness because the last time he was a free range kitty he went down to the creek and tried to take on the muskrats that live there. That adventure cost me $800 to put him back together and 3 sleepless nights when he was at the animal hospital. So around dawn he wakes me each morning just to let me know there are birds outside. I keep a little cat nip in the night table and if I really need to sleep, I give him a bit and we are both happy again!

1 comment:

  1. I just heard Nigel went shopping and got to pick out his own toy! Let's hear about this!
    Y'know, I think your kitty is more of a person than any of mine. LOL