Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My outdoor kitty

Hey Y'all...

I'm an equal opportunity cat lover! It is interesting how all the first cats on our blog were black & white...but I have an outdoor buddy who is the most beautiful orange tabby. "Stinky" lives next door to me & is an escape I also call him "Houdini". I don't see him much in the winter, but he loves to come sit with me whenever I'm outside. Yesterday was the most beautiful St. Patrick's Day I can remember in Cleveland, OH. It was sunny with blue skies & we actually got up to 67 degrees! I opened the windows, put the corned beef brislet into the oven...and headed outside. There was my kitty buddy at the side door...waiting for me! I pulled the table & chairs out onto the driveway...that's what functions as our patio here as we can't afford to put in a patio. I sat outside for a few hours enjoying the day...with Stinky right there by me. He's got a kitty friend, too...a dark tabby who is obviously a stray...and needs a bath...but he is friendly.
The pic above is a favorite pose for Stinky...he runs up to me as if I'm his long lost friend & then rolls over to have his belly rubbed. His favorite thing is sneaking into the house...he will sneak in & run right down to the basement & I have to shake a jar of kitty fud to get him out. Our Sophie does NOT play well with others, so I cannot let him into the rest of the house, but he still tries. He's even been meowing at our door at 3am trying to get in. His owners take really good care of him, but given the opportunity, he'd love to live here!
Here's to cats of all colors & breeds!!!

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  1. An adorable photo of an obviously adorable cat!