Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Santino and Miki are in agreement. This is not right! Our beds are gone! Why is she doing this to us?

Not happy campers. Miki, especially, does that "long-suffering" look really well.

Santino has found how to have fun with this.
(look in the lower left corner) He also "tunneled" both the sheets that came off and the ones that went on the bed, happily crawling under and through.

At last, our ordeal is over! That wore us out...., and now for a nap.


  1. Oh! How stressful! .... and, too funny!!!
    Love it ... beautiful..
    And, Oh, aww...Santino and Sophie nose-to-nose in their beds after the ordeal is over .. the babies are not yet used to "bedmaking" ... LOL .

  2. Virginia TorschSeptember 02, 2009

    We just tried making our bed as well with about five cats trying to help. Cleo (one of our females) had perfected the Ghandi method of protest - just flings herself down on the bed and looks pitiful. Doesn't stop us from removing her though :)

  3. I guess when one has as many cats as you do, one can't cater to their whims. I have to confess, I wait to make my be when there are no cats asleep in it.:-)