Monday, September 28, 2009

My Sweet, Beautiful Kitties

We are a happy family!  The kitties have been especially happy the past several days as I've had the flu and there has been either a prone body or at least a lap available.  I didn't mind a bit. 

Speaking of laps, Santino and Miki both are lap kitties, not that I generally sit often.  Santino is insistent, and if I refuse to make a full lap available to him, he drapes himself over my shoulder.  He is as cuddly as the best stuffed toy, and as silky soft as an Angora rabbit.  Miki's body is firmer, more muscular and his coat is velvet.  Rudy sleeps next to me but insists I keep hands off.  I yearn to cuddle Sophie, but although I am now allowed very close, I still can't touch her.  She's completely comfortable with her brothers, though. :-)

There doesn't seem to be an alpha cat here.  All four are gentle and friendly with each other.  They could be jealous of Santino who plays "kissy-face" often with me, but Santino is equally affectionate with them, as well, and shows no favoritism to any one of the three.
I am a lucky Mom!

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  1. Virginia TorschSeptember 29, 2009

    I hope you feel better soon! I hope it wasn't the swine flu... but any flu is nasty. I am sure the cats were glad to have you home a bit more!