Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Miki arrived at our house as a 6 month old kitten, spitting and hissing like a dragon.  I actually thought about naming him "Dragon-Nail", which my daughter...then 5 yrs. old....had suggested I name her newly born sister. I have to admit I was a real idiot about doing the introductions and we were all lucky that Zippy took over as "Big Mom".

He wrapped Miki up in his paws and gave him a bath, visibly happy .  From then on, Zippy and Miki were inseperable.  I had not gotten a kitten for myself.....He was Zippy's precious "Mikimoto"... for the pearls...whom he taught how to fetch better than any dog, a game which we  played to my exhaustion.:-)    But, how do you say "no" to the most amazing azure blue eyes in the world?  

Though I was happy that Miki brought so much joy into Zippy's life, I was a bit worried about what might happen when Zippy died.  I spent more and more time with Miki, but I was clearly always his second choice.  When Zippy went to the Rainbow Bridge, I had prepared myself the whole 9 months of his illness, Miki searched and searched the house every night, all night long.  I would lie in bed crying more for Miki who was suffering than for Zippy.   

That was almost three years ago....or was it  only two???  Very gradually,  Miki's nightle searching and howling has decreased.   He no longer plays fetch....He seldom plays at all. Miki now sleeps up tight against me, preferring to be surrounded by my warmth, as in between my torso and arm, or nestled between my upper legs.  All goes well if I'm not having a restless night.  Santino would gladly cuddle with him, but he is clearly the baby, and so is Miki, I believe, in his own mind.  How long does a cat mourn?  If one is talking about a Siamese, perhaps it's forever.

My Siamese and my Balinese....so similarly sweet and loving.  They are the only ones there in the bed with me when I awake, both ready to greet me and be petted.   Yes, I love all four, but these two are extra special.


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  1. Years ago, when i stayed with you after shuttling the kittens from CA to TX and one time later when i visited, Rudy would prowl in the nite, walk across my body, but no way would he stay there. Miki would follow him in and watch, and lead him back out. This was when Zippy was still alive. I felt like Miki was like my Footsie cat ... a family person..
    always on guard for the wellbeing of the family...