Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet, Sleeping Cats

Yes, of course, my kitties do a few other things besides sleeping, but there's no much that is sweeter than their angelic selves when they are sleeping. Their configurations change, but these shown here are most typical. Rudy with Miki, and Santino with Sophie. If there is a different combination on the bed, they are a bit further apart from each other.

I never would have guessed that four cats would be so much more fun than three, my usual number. :-) There is a lot of loose hair, though.......


  1. Oh, the loose hair!!! I wondered if indoor kitties shed fur in the summer too?
    My only indoor kitty, Elsa, is in and out, and she sheds royally!! The others do also and i try to stroke them ... a lot! Can't get close to the Emma (mama) cat, but she seems to be doing OK for at least 12 yrs old.
    Oh, yes! Watching them sleep is the absolutely best medicine!!!! ... for anything!

  2. Oh, and it looks like Sophie is on guard even when Santino has is back to her ... :-)