Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kitty Treats & Ultimate Joy

Each blog post is merely a snapshot in time. Only yesterday I remarked on the general lack of verbal communication from Santino, and I should have mentioned that ALL my cats are extremely adept at expressing themselves, just not necessarily always vocally.

Also, after I had written yesterday's post, I remembered that we had Pit'r Pats in stock again. Don't get me wrong....we never run out of treats!.....but, Pit'r Pats take some planning. I have now discovered one store...just one...
that sells them for under $3, and, knowing that, I can't bring myself to pay much more. Santino and I are lucky in that only HE finds them so extraordinarily special. They are tiny, expensive nuggets of addiction. But, what mother could deny her child such joy?

So, I took out the little Pit'r Pats, and Santino knew immediately that he was about to score big. As he ate the first one I was rewarded big time! He said....VERY CLEARLY...."Oh, wow, wow, wow...." I had previously only heard that long ago when I gave him chicken, and then once again
when he had not had any chicken after I stopped eating it for a while. Obviously, the words are reserved for ultimate joy. :-) I wonder if he'll ever figure out that he could get treats any time he wanted them if only he uttered those words................I'm so trainable.

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