Monday, August 10, 2009

Boring Cats

Just look at this! How am I to write a blog about cats who are on a permanent spa vacation?

My life with Miki, Rudy, Sophie and Santino isn't boring, as not a day goes by that they fail to engage me in some way...I just don't have the camera attached to myself. Still, it's a quiet, peaceful household, and everyone is relaxed (except when Santino believes he ca whine a treat out of me....then they all come running. The treat bell is Santino.)


  1. Virginia TorschAugust 10, 2009

    Lazy kitties!!!

  2. Fantastic picture!!!! ...
    But, where's the Rudy Cat? Did he know he was the wrong color for the px?

  3. OOOPS .. it isn't a black and white picture. Is that Rudy behind the faux big cat skin pillows?

  4. The wonderful thing about having 4 cats is that someone is likely to be awake....the only exception is when all five of us are in bed.:-)

    Rudy was following me around helping me take photos!

  5. Well, Rudy did a good job helping (and not waking anybody up) ! 'Spose he is expecting his own "special" ....!!?