Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cat Scans Of My Love Affair

These are scans of very old, faded photos which I "fixed up" a little when scanning the images. As you can see my love for Siamese is a long standing affair.

Only 18 and pregnant, I also had to have two Siamese kittens!

This is Tai, one of a pair of sisters. This photo was taken around 1978. We had their mom, too, as special a cat as Zippy. Sirit put each of us to bed every night and made us believe she slept with each of us by somehow timing herself perfectly to be in the appropriate bed at waking time!

On the left is Sammi, a rescued cat (and a real pill, I might add). In the foreground is baby Zippy who was sold to me by the breeder as a Siamese! It was years before I discovered that he was a Balinese! I got him in 1990, but I think the Balinese was already known as such. Zippy was a zen master!

Jack eventually came to accept the cats. Zippy and I were protective of each other, he guarding me like a dog would. I, on the other hand, always made sure that Jack did not as much as raise his voice to him.:-)

Kobe was the most stunningly handsome Siamese I had ever had. I could not say the same about his personality. He was willful, and determined to be free.

Life with one Balinese, Zippy, and two Siamese kittens was pretty exciting. After a while, I just left the tall ladder out, as they would not jump down from 10 feet.

Zippy was so happy with his kitty, Miki, whom he groomed as his baby.

Zippy attending Miki's second birthday party. I didn't even make them wear hats! Auntie Louise and Auntie Franny attended. I think Auntie Franny came only for the cup-cakes. Ah...this was 5 years ago!


  1. Virginia TorschAugust 12, 2009

    What happened to Zippy?

  2. Zippy lived until not quite 17. His throat grew ulcerated welts which were lazered , and with cortisone we kept him as long as we could before he stopped eating completely. That's when my search for another Balinese began and I got sick little Blu who made it until 2.

  3. Oh, what sweet memories! Remember how Zippy perked up on the trip to TX? Kobe was the most fun kitten .. so clever, so headstrong, so energetic! Fran was NOT there just for the cupcakes. She is the only person that Elsa will show herself for ... but Elsa is a nut!