Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 11 months Birthday!!!

Yes, Sophie really did want to know what that thing on Santino's neck was.  (Mommy sitting on the floor singing "Happy Birthday" was pretty interesting, but why isn't she playing with mice? )

I've bought my last bag of kitten food, and soon maybe everyone will lose a little weight.  This isn't going to help me at all though since I have not gotten into the kitten food myself.  

Speaking of food, I left a new bag out on the table yesterday, and this morning I found it on the floor chewed open.  I guess it smelled more interesting than the food that was still in their bowls.  Naughty beasties!

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  1. Virginia TorschNovember 03, 2009

    My goodness he has grown up!! What a beautiful boy! Happy Birthday Santino!