Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat Show

My daughter and I attended a big cat show in Austin last week-end.  I must admit, this is much more fun if one isn't already maxed out on the number of cats one can have. I reminded myself that I didn't have to bring them all home in order to enjoy them while there.  The shift was successful and I spent the rest of the time admiring as though they were run-way models.  Some of them really could have been!  And, in actuality, as much as I admire the beauty of many types of cats, I would only choose a Balinese. 

I was not even tempted as there were no Balinese there, only Orientals with wonderful large fly-away ears.:-)  Yes, I love that angular look!  I also love the look of Norwegians, and Main Coons and...Just not crazy over the mushed in faces in huge balls of fluff, but have known enough people who adored theirs to know they make excellent pets for some.  What am I saying?  It's ALL good!::-)  Santino would not have cared for this gig, though I'm sure he would have come home with a few neat looking ribbons.  I could always make him some!:-)


  1. Virginia TorschNovember 11, 2009

    Didn't I see a photo of one of Kris's Balinese? I thought she has one of her Blue point Balinese with her? Or was that one a Javanese?

    Cat shows are fun IF you are not exhibiting a cat and worrying about getting the cat up to the ring on time and worrying about making finals and keeping you cat in top condition! Then it becomes work! :):)

  2. Kris had 2 Javanese. There were a good number of striped and tabby Oriental shorthairs with the same body-type...very dramatic,! Two ruddy Abys, nice conformation and temperament, but, compared to Rudy, not the best color AND two Somalis....one which was a gorgeous specimen...even the ruddy color was perfect and perfectly accented with black on the hocks.

    I KNOW showing is hard work! That is exactly why I have not shown Santino.:-) And, I am REALLY opposed to washing cats. They hate it, and so I hate it, too. :-)