Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Times

Miki watches Sophie and Santino play....and, yes, something in his mind has been triggered and he is playing!

Yesterday he fetched a toy and brought it to me to throw and, of course, I was happy to oblige!!!  It's been a very long time since we've played this game. Miki fetches better than any dog I have ever had, placing the object into my hand each and every time. Zippy used to fetch, also.....but, Miki is more consistent.  And, today, he and Sophie played with the same little furry mouse together.


  1. Virginia TorschNovember 16, 2009

    It sounds like your little cat family is really coming together!! How wonderful for you!

  2. Wonderful for me and wonderful for them! Everyone should be so blessed!!! Nothing is ever 100% though.....The prednisone shot has worn off, I guess....Rudy's vomiting began today again.

  3. Virginia TorschNovember 17, 2009

    Have you tried giving Rudy probiotics? It might help him digest his food better.

  4. Neither Rudy or Miki will allow me anywhere close after the first time I give them medication of ANY kind. Miki I can fool through elaborate means, but never Rudy. Vet says the next step is to switch to all wet food, but that means all 4 of them....and, removing ALL his teeth...(He has stomatitis, an auto-immune disease)

  5. Virignia TorschNovember 18, 2009


    Some useful web sites on stomatitis:
    One thing you might try is this slurry: The slurry is comprised of a/d wet food, purified water, flax oil & salmon oil (, some B- vitamins, nutritional yeast and 500 mg lysine (per day, roughly).

    Apparently that helped one lady's cat... especially the vitamin B if you can find it in a gel form you could just mix it in with his wet food - or crush a vitamin B tablet (vitamin B is also supposed to help with mouth ulcers in humans as well.)

    Something else to try ...
    From a post:One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is what I feed my fourth cat, who had such bad stomatitis (inflamed gum) issues that for nearly two years she could not eat anything but baby food, and even then it hurt so much that she would run away from her food yowling after a few bites. I tried everything under the sun for her and finally hit upon this stuff, InstinctsTC, a supplement powder to be mixed with raw meat. I make it for her with various types of ground meat, mostly turkey. She can eat it, absolutely loves it, and has much healthier teeth and gums after a year or so on this stuff. She's actually at the point where she could eat regular food now, but she loves this so much that I just keep making it for her. (web site for InstinctsTC

    Hope all this helps!


  6. Virginia TorschNovember 18, 2009

    Here is another web site that might help:

    This is a well know vet in Scotland who has done a lot of research into this disease.