Thursday, November 5, 2009

Santino and Family

This is Santino, Sr. from Sweden. Does he speak with an accent, I wonder...
Below is a current picture of my Santino.  Allowing for the differences in lighting, he sure looks a lot like his daddy! :-)

This is Gypsy, Santino's mom, with a current litter of kittens. (I picked the photo off Facebook....therefore the small size)

When my Santino first joined us, he was really taken by Miki who, unfortunately, wasn't the least bit interested.  Gypsy, a Siamese, looks a lot like Miki.  Are you confused?  Well, it's all just the way it was meant to be. :-)  

Lined up like little burritos are Gypsy's new kittens, Santino's half brothers and sisters.

(all photos, except the current photo of Santino, Jr., were taken by Virginia Torch)


  1. Wonderful pictures and history!
    Is Santino's huge, fluffy, tail part of the breed? When my ferals look like that they've been in a skirmish and are still angry.

  2. Yes, Balinese have tails which are described as "plumes", though the thickness of it varies among individuals. They carry it up, with the tip gracefully waving....evoking a Balinese dancer. This is how the breed was named.

    I suppose if Santino were mad, his tail would fluff out even more, but I haven't seen that since he was little and would posture in mock battle.