Monday, November 23, 2009

The Most Handsome Kitties

When I go to the vet with a sick cat, I always say "Oh, please save him !  He is my favorite!" Then, when I go to post a photo, I always think "Oh, look at this. He is my most handsome kitty!"  No matter which of my cats I am referring to, it's the truth!

So, just look at my Santino!  He is SO handsome!!!

Here he is in the early morning light on top of the kitchen bar counter.  A rare shot of him looking pensive. Usually he is either sleeping or on the move.

Prince Rudy, feelin' just fine.  I,m not forgetting his health issues as I'm not forgetting my own.  I practice a kind of triage here.....Whatever needs my attention right now, gets it and the rest I chip away at more gradually. 

Look at Rudy with the most amazing coloring!  He is so incredibly handsome!  I guess "striking" would be a more accurate term.  I hope he will still like Nate, my grandson who arrives late afternoon.  The last time he was here...3 years ago....he was the cat whisperer for both Rudy and Blu.  It should be fun for all of us, though Sophie may go live under my bed for the duration. These days she knows she needn't be afraid.....I can SEE her going "Oh, that was silly of me!....but continues to run and hide from me.  I just tell her she is loved and we go on.......

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