Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santino is One!

Today is Santino's first birthday!  I sang to him and gave him extra treats.  He will get turkey for dinner....I tell him it's Texas chicken and he loves it.

I wish I could get a photo of him which shows how handsome he is.  He does NOT like the camera with its flash!  And, the flash doesn't like him.  Why his eyes wind up as red glowing coals and Miki's blue eyes do not, I don't understand.

Miki also does not like the camera.  These two are actually very much alike!  Both like laps, both like cuddling.  

Santino and Sophie were curled up together again today.  As I stood up on the couch so I could take a photo of Santino wrapped up in Sophies's arms...(paws?)  they woke up and shifted.,   It's our coldest day since early February, and Santino is a lucky kitty to have someone who loves to snuggle him. when I can't. 

Rudy, the eternal ham quickly ran over and posed himself!


  1. Virginia TorschDecember 02, 2009

    Happy Birthday Santino!! Your sister - Prima - is also getting a special treat of chicken for her birthday as well! She says hi!

  2. Awww....Happy birthday, Prima! Wish you were here.:-)