Monday, December 21, 2009

Rudy is FINE!

No, this is not a huge spider by a dead kitty though if looks a lot like it.  This is my Rudykitty napping in the sun.

It took me a while, but I figured it out!  Reluctant to change to all wet food, especially  prescription wet food, and even more turned off by the thought of having to cook for my cats.....(yeah, they all expect to be loved EQUALLY!), I continued to ponder the possibilities.   I decided to put off any exploration (heartworm, IBS, etc. etc.) that the vet wanted to do ......It just did not feel right to put a cat with no other symptoms of illness through the stress....nor to impoverish my finances.  Did not make sense and did not feel least for now.

And then one day last week, I GOT IT!  Why was the vomiting intermittent?    Why was there vomiting for days and days and then none?  What was different?  The food was the same.  Instead of reaching for all the possibilities...and I had researched vomiting in cats.....I looked for what changed in the environment.  It is the treats!  Oddly enough, it is ALL "organic, natural" treats.  It is also foods which are so labeled!

Rudy is allergic to "natural and organic" food!  How strange is that?!!!!  Three tiny "organic" treats will produce vomiting of his entire stomach contents.  I have tested him twice....enough....I don't need to test my theory any longer.  It's Friskie's party mix now!  Run of the mill food, too....No more fancy "good" stuff.  We are Friskie and very happy here!!!


  1. Always intently follow ur research and i do some myself ... fascinating!! I won't go into the flaws of some studies and some professionals. But was tickled by ur latest discovery re the delightful, beautiful Rudy.

  2. Virignia TorschDecember 23, 2009

    Were those the Pitr Pat treats you were giving Santino?

    Have you also tried giving Rudy probiotics to help with his digestion?

  3. No, no problems with Pitr'Pats. Last night I gave a new treat: Pounce Perks. All 4 cried "THANK YOU!!!!!!' I gave no more than 3 each.
    Rudy could not handle those. The reaction, however, was mild compared to the volatile voiding after eating "healthy" treats.

    So, it isn't just foods with veggies and the like. Will give Rudy only Friskie's party treats from now on unless I'm experimenting. Now, the next step is to isolate the ingredient which causes the problem. Shouldn't be too difficult.