Monday, October 26, 2009

Growing Into a Princess

If only Sophie allowed me to touch her (I come close!), I could give her some princess lessons, but, instead, she has to learn by herself.  I can't imagine what her life must have been before she came to live with us! 

She has finally learned that I will never disturb her up on my bed.  And, yes, she is allowed on every piece of furniture which she tests out one by one.  With each piece she has tested out, she gets a look of panic and runs when she sees me.  Next, comes a period of watching me carefully....always on alert to make a run for it....until, finally, she believes it's truly o.k. to be there.  She now has claimed my bed, a bench, the couch in the T.V. room, the guest bed,  the chest in the livingroom....with another chair and livingroom couch to go. 
She has sat on the high bar counter in the kitchen and watched me cook.....but very furtively.  No other counters have been tried, and she received a firm No to the kitchen table. Even kitty princesses to not get that privelege, and, not even Santino!

Sophie has mastered turning up her nose at food, copying Rudy by scratching the floor all around it in a "must cover this up" motion.  She joins the boys when it's treat time, but refuses to beg like they do. Her Royal Highness in Training won't move more than a couple to inches to pick up her treat, while the boys will claim theirs from anywhere if I throw it in order to tire them out just a little before I go to bed.  Oh, Sophie CAN move, and she can move fast, but she reserves that for play with Santino.

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