Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simply Wonderful!

Not only did I have a fabulous time, but my worries over leaving Santino were unnecessary!
He was no different on my return than if I'd only been gone a very short time....happy to see me, giving me lots of head butts, and wanting to be held and snuggled, all for a while, and then off on his own business.

Here is the note from the cat sitter who stayed here.  ( Here in Texas, it's rare to find someone who can even recognize a bonafide Siamese cat, and you can forget about distinguishing a Balinese from a Siamese. LOL)

"Santino is probably the most lovable cat I've ever met ( except for Blu) he was pretty snuggly too, like I said I never get to hug on Cats like that...a real treat for me. I always think the  next time I "need " a cat, I'll get a siamese like yours, but I always end up at the shelter taking the loneliest  cat I can find.....or picking one up from the street ( that's where most of my cats come from...they find me..."


  1. Virginia TorschOctober 18, 2009

    Santino now has 6 more half brothers and sisters!! Kittens just born (she went into labor this morning and we are waiting on the 6th as I type!

  2. It great to hear that Santino survived and you had a wonderful time. I hope Nigel does as well in January when I leave him with my parents for a week when I go to Cuba. Often there is some obsessive licking and hair pulling leaving naked spots on his belly.

  3. Congratulations, Virginia! Send photos as soon as you can, so I can show Santino!!!!