Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poop Trails

Chem trails above, poop trails below! Fortunately, the latter, though gross, do not happen frequently.

But, what is a clean, indoor cat to do? Would I really want them to lick their butts and then come kiss me? I think not. I don't like the entire business. If it's not the bedroom carpet, it's my bed, and I'd rather spot clean the carpeting than watch king sized quilts or sheets.

It's only been 7 years that I have begun keeping my cats strictly indoors, though back in the days that they (not my present feline family!) were allowed to venture out....they always came in to use the litter box! My point is that who knows why this is something new for me.....What does it mean? Who is the culprit? Can I do something to make it stop?

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