Friday, December 3, 2010

What Happened?

I see Sophie looking particularly cute, so I grab the camera while talking to her softly. Issey appears out of nowhere, asking me if I don't think he is cute, too. But, that's only the beginning.....

He hops on Sophie's back and bathes her for a short while.
Sophie never protests, choosing to leave instead. Prince of the high perch, Issey, surveys his kingdom.

I've got a problem here. Issey is so cute, and so sweet that I cannot get mad at him....ever. But, now he won't let me sleep, not in the morning and not in the afternoon. Even though there's dry food available always and I don't feed wet in the morning, he wakes me. He wants me up and he wants me to put out FRESH dried food. In the afternoon he wakes me to give him dinner. Trying to break him of this habit, I have tried not feeding him immediately after my waking, but I can't tolerate the loud yowling for long. He can go on like that (loud Siamese howling) for an hour easily.

What happened to my being Queen?

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