Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The kids love to nap together, spreading out across the king size bed. Even with the blinds closed, the room is heated by the sun. Everyone sleeps much closer together at night.

There's always a lot of jostling for position, mostly caused by Rudy and Issey, the usual trouble-makers. Rudy can't get close enough to me, but sends out a loud growl if anyone comes within a couple of feet of him. Issey loves to wind up Rudy! I don't think it's about being jealous of me....He just enjoys getting a rise out of if Rudy were his squeaky toy. I no longer intervene, and now it ends a bit sooner. Both Santino and Sophie leave quietly if they don't like what is going on. :-) (I suffer in silence.)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! The pictures are lovely, and, along with the commentary, totally heartwarming!! You know them so well; they are all individuals! Few people have such undivided attention!

  2. Ah...but I totally forgot Rudy's birthday! He turned 6 on Thanksgiving, having been born when you and I were in Oaxaca. And, I was about to forget Santino's who is 2 in the next day or two.