Monday, August 9, 2010

I Dream of Sophie

Sophie likes to hang out "under cover" when I'm up and moving around.....just in case I decide to grab her and do terrible things to her. I believe she knows better, but can't help herself. Kitty post-traumatic stress disorder.

Occasionally I think about how Sophie would feel in my arms. She wouldn't be smooth and solid like Issey, and she wouldn't be heavy and lumpy like Rudy. Fluffy like Santino perhaps, but heavier, but would her hair be silky? It's impossible to tell how much kitty is underneath the hair.

I may actually KNOW. Sophie sidled up to me until she was pressed flat against my body. I slowly reached out and touched her lightly. She purred, and I dared a couple of strokes. She was smaller that Rudy, larger than Santino, and her hair was coarse. She smelled wonderful. And then I woke up. I was smiling. :-)

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  1. i wonder if she also dreams of you ...