Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cat, a Pig, or a Dog?

Here you see Issey getting ready to take a nap, after having given up on my lap. This is his and Santino's favorite chair, which anyone can tell by the layer of white hair on it. Since I wind up working standing up, anyway, the chair belongs to the cats.

But, what I really wanted to write about is Issey's piggishness. He eats at lightning speed! He inhales the other cats' and his own food, and begs for more. Is the only solution to feed him in a separate room? I think that change would upset all four kitties. And, add more work for me.

What follows stinks.

Such a little creature, not yet a full-grown cat, passes large volumes of gas! It seems like a dumb reason to take him to the vet....but, could there be something physical which is resulting in his eating habits?

(Rudy, who has always swallowed his food whole, also has digestive issues. And, yes, I buy kibble for "sensitive stomachs"....but no digestive system is built for processing unchewed foods.)


  1. Virginia TorschSeptember 16, 2010


    What are you feeding him? I do not recall him having a gassy problem here. Did this just develop? And does he have other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea etc.)?

    Perhaps send me an email so we can discuss this further


  2. Issey has an appetite for a great variety of human food, which I have to give him a taste or he drives me crazy. He is not so crazy about dry food which he nibbles on. It is the wet food ....which has not changed....that he gulps:
    Nutro and Fancy Feast. I put down two dishes, one small can in each. Sophie doesn't come near it, and Rudy eats only a few bites. Santino eats slowly, enjoying every mouthful. Issey races to get as much food as possible. Afterward, he is like a stink balloon. Touch him, and pouf! I try not to, but he likes to climb into my lap and nap after eating.