Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter to Virginia

Dear Mommy Viginia,

Thank you for leting me go with my texas Mommy to my new hoom. Everythin is gud.
I have 2 cats to play and sleep with. Thats reely enuff for anybudy. Why do you hav so many ? The thurd cat heer is ok but he want to b in charge and thats not right. My Mommy luvs me best, and I now how things need to work.

Sofee and Santeeno are no trubbel. Espeshally sofee hoo does wat I want. Santeeno is nice. lets me eet his food. But mabe you cud talk to Mommy? She is suppost to giv me a bite of her food. Last nite she forgot. I wus gud. No pester while she aet. I see she lef meet chop on kitchun counter. Me not go on counter. But how els get poke chop? Goes on counter, yes. OOO, so gud, so gud. Me purr, purr, purr. Me happy, Cut up with teef. Me big. Get my own snak.
Me feel gud. Purr.

Mommy com in kitchun. and mommy luk not like mommy. Hoo is dis? Mommy maik loud noise say noooooooo, noooooo, noooooo. Wats you meen noooooooo? Me get my snak. You leev for me, big boy. Mommy cut off were I chuud and gav to Rudee and Santeeno. Say go way to me. Y say that? Me no go way, me want moor treet. Mommy luv me but say nooo. Y she not let me get treet? Y she luk funnee, not like my mommy? I wurred. She not like big boy get own treet? I lef her alone an she turn into Mommy agin cuddl, kiss, purr.

Yoor big boy,


  1. Virginia TorschSeptember 24, 2010


    My dear young man - you know better than to try to eat human food on the counter - thought I taught you better than that! But your Texas mommy will forgive you like she always does have her wrapped aorund your little paw just like when you were living with us!
    We miss you - all our kids are special! But you have a great home in Texas - lots of things to play with and a very loving momma (even if she did name you Issey - I like Tiny Tim better!)

    Just behave yourself - you are a big boy now and have responsibilities! You must look after your mommy and Sophie, Santino and Rudy! They need you!

  2. r takin her side....not faer, not faer. yess, Iz big man. U like my paws in picchur? Iz stretch toes. Mommy say ooooooo, u soooo koot.