Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love The One You're With

A prerequisite of loving someone, I think, is full acceptance of who they are regardless of whether it makes sense to us or whether we approve. We don't have to necessarily like what IS, but we do have to accept it. This is what my kitties have taught me!

Every day Issey licks my silk flowers. WHY?, I ask, and then quickly stop myself. I realize that I don't even mean 'why'...What I really mean is 'How icky! Stop it, already!" LOL What pleasure he gets from this is beyond me. I only hope he isn't doing himself any harm.

I get no cooperation with picture taking. As a matter of fact, Issey's expression here says it all. Yes, he is staying put as instructed but that's all. Ditto Rudy below.

I would swear to Sophie crossing
her eyes for the camera. (Ok....
her eyes ARE crossed a little, anyway.)

Yes, I can photograph them when they are napping....but, only if I do it quickly. Then again, if I had wanted photographic models I should have stayed with Siamese. They can't get enough of being center front. My Balinese sweeties, however, give me endless amounts of lap-sitting and purring.

Love the one you're with...and then life is truly wonderful!


  1. Do I not have control of my tongue? It just hangs out and all that comes out of my mouth is "AAaaawwww!!"

  2. I consider "AAaawwww" to be an excellent expression to sum up that which is touching beyond words. Thanks, Louise.