Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Cats, Little Cats

I missed my kitties terribly on this trip......much, much more than I ever remember having missed them before. I virtually ached for them. But, no....that did not keep me from appreciating the kitties I was SEEING! Cheetahs, lions...even a leopard in a tree.....all were magnificent! I watched and marveled at the similarity of movement, of behavior, except, of teeny, tiny kitties here don't know anything about killing to eat.
When I arrived home, Rudy was all over me, but tiny Santino and Issey played hard to get. It took a few hours before they forgave me for spite of the fact that they had the best cat nanny there could be! She even left me an illustrated journal.....oh, but that was for ME, wasn't it? :-)

(to be continued)


  1. Such a beautiful gift to come home to!! Happy, healthy kitties ... and a clean house to boot!!! Oh! ... and the diary? Absolutely precious!!!

  2. Virginia TorschMarch 28, 2011

    How wonderful to hear about the big cats and the little ones! Your cat nanny is truly gifted!!