Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visit to the Vet

I've been thinking that maybe "Tiny Tim", the name bestowed on Issey by his former Mom, was a good fit after all. He looks tall, but very thin...like a runway model, which, of course, is exactly like he is supposed to look. But, he and the rest of the kids all look like they have lost weight, I worried.

Well, Issey and I have just returned from the vet and my "tiny" kitty weighed in a a little over 10 pounds!!! Another lesson in perception! :-)

I've put off this vet visit. On the last visit, I was thoroughly scared by the dire diagnosis of stomatitis, and though after a round of antibiotics all symptoms disappeared, I was a bit leery of what other bad (though false) news I would get. But, Issey's eye seemed worse, maybe because the cat nanny had not cleaned it daily, and it was time to have it looked at.

First, I asked about Issey's gums......PERFECT, I was told. Soooo, no stomatitis?, I said gently. hoping to put him on notice about issuing a dire warning about the eye. Manipulative, aren't I?

The runny eye is either due to allergies or herpes.....but, he added, since herpes was highly contagious and the other cats showed no symptoms it could not be that. However, IF it were that, a steroid injection for allergies, would make herpes worse. He decided on a small dosage of steroids, saying that if there's a big improvement, it is definitely allergies and when the shot wears off, I can treat it with pediatric something-or-another. Yes, I forgot! I forgot because I think it's kind of neurotic to pill a cat who is feeling fine. I also forgot what we do if it's herpes, because...I've decided...it ISN'T. Mekuna metata.

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