Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bad Day at Round Rock

Yes, the vet gave me a discount for two cats, but...o.m.g...That's one reason I don't have a dog, too.

I took Santino (8#) in because he had a suspicious area on his foot, an area which he would not stop licking. I suspected ringworm since Nate had had it when here, and I wind up with a couple of patches of it myself.

No ringworm..probably. But a little bump (we hope insect bite) and the entire area licked raw. You see him with his new hat, and I have told him it's his crown...but, he is not very happy.
I take the think off for eating and drinking, and this incredible gentle cat allows me to put it right back on him again!

Issey 10#, who was scared out of his wits at the Vet....meek as a lamb....turned into a dragon from hell at home. I have scratches to prove that this cat will NOT be approached with even a tiny pill. I couldn't get a single Flagyl down him, and today I picked up a probiotic paste. The vet confirmed that the little feces tracks were Issey's. He has a bacterial overgrowth. I also have to change his food...The brand is immaterial (which I don't believe) but the main ingredients need to be other than what he has been eating. Since everyone's favorite is chicken....I have to buy lamb or fish, for example.
(Rudy has vomited a whole lot less since I stopped feeding Fancy Feast)

Since I am also dealing with my own health issues, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now

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