Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're Still Here

Well, of course we are! Where else would we be?

I have not discovered who is using the carpeting for toilet paper, but I suspect Sophie. She is so clean and I seldom see her cleaning herself. I think she wipes her entire body on the

Rudy, however, is the likely cuprit for leaving small bits of
drool and tiny butt wipes on the bedspreads. I found tell-tale Rudy hair by these spots. It's to the vet for him, though I don't have much trust there. The last time I was there, he told me that he (the vet) had been in the hospital. This wasn't too startling because I had asked him, somewhat alarmed, whether he was alright.

What WAS odd though is that he told me his face and neck had broken out in massive, pus filled pimples and his girl-friend had been good enough to squeeze them. I was kind of grossed out and wondered about his ability to care for my cats. The vision of a doc having his girlfriend squeezing his pimples is too much-- even for me.

Santino continues to insist on daily brushing, and this seems to be agreeing with him. He is absolutely beautiful!

What's different here is that the old configurations of cats has broken up. Although Rudy is still not "glued" to another cat, he is hanging out with either Santino (his favorite) or Sophie. I am finding Santino with Sophie almost as often as he is glued to Issey.

As for me, I am rethinking this cat blog. I never intended it to be only about my own cats. I just can't get other contributors. I'm not tired of my cats, but I AM a bit tired of keeping up this blog. I will probably be doing some combining of blogs.

Thinking about "Off My Mind" as a title. :-)


  1. Oye!! love this blog!! would share my kittehs too...they are smart ... but their mum is not very into the technology of all this ... and if you don't see the babies ... well, at 14 yrs and 13 yrs old ... they are still gorgeous .. and still driving me nuts!!!

  2. And Elsa has always loved water ... specially moving water, with lots of ripples. She loved watching Joe brush his teeth.
    She loved watching the faucet ... and sticking her whole head under it.
    Now she "flings" her water bowl all about the room to make "ripples" ...
    I wipe, and i wipe, and i wipe ....

  3. weezie, again....July 13, 2011

    So, "Off my mind" as a title for combined blogs .. i like it, if i understand it ... Is it like writing things down and enabling the mind to go on in other directions and not get bogged down?

  4. Answering your last comment, yes...something like that. However, I'll bet it has already been taken. It's very difficult to find any title which is not already in use. I may have to use something dumb like "Chaska's Soapbox"!

    And, even though I basically write because I like writing, I have to admit I like FaceBook a lot because there is an exchange. I've never liked monologues.