Monday, June 27, 2011

My Dirty Boys

Sophie, the feral cat, comes out smelling like a rose. She just never makes messes beyond an occasional tuft of fur left on the carpeting, and even that...I suspect....was pulled out by one of the boys.

No, I don't prefer girls over least not when it comes to cats. And, in all fairness, I admit the boys may have charmed me into feeding them "improperly". Not that I know what "properly" would be.

Don't get me wrong. Part of me loves thinking of them like little kids who need constant clean-up, but, things are to the point of my having some difficulty handling it gracefully. Is there such a thing as a coach for crazy cat ladies? I WANT THE SHIT ON THE FURNITURE AND FLOORS TO STOP!!!

At least 3 days out of 7 Issey has poop on his tail, something which I discover by odor or, much worse, by seeing the trail from his wiping it on walls, chairs, and...of course, me. Yesterday when he jumped into my lap it wasn't poop, but a ball of urine soaked litter. What on earth is he doing in the litter box???

Rudy continue his vomiting. I am constantly cleaning carpets. I have tried him on various foods and all I have learned is that he can't tolerate anything too "pure". However, he also doesn't tolerate Fancy Feast. But none of this is consistently true. Occasionally, with nothing being different, he'll go a week without throwing up. I am now finding bits of vomit on bedspreads and pillows and I am constantly doing laundry. It's gotten worse.

Santino, an incredibly well behaved, trouble-free kitty, is also having a few issues . Dingleberries. Butt wiping. Again, I'm constantly cleaning and doing laundry. I need to figure out what is going on here!!!

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  1. Ah, the ugliness of bodily functions. I probably never would have had cats if i knew their mums licked their butts to keep them neat and clean !!!!