Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cat Whisperer?

Daughter refers to 10 yr. old Nate as "The Cat Whisperer", so I was curious about how it was going to go with me three princes and one princess who are not accustomed to smallish visitors.

Rudy was very interested initially, but quickly got bored with having to share attention. To my surprise, my most outgoing kitty hung back. (Rudy has changed. He was still asleep at 11 this morning, oblivious to my voice.)

Issey thought it great fun, but I think it was all too much for him as he lost food from both ends. He did keep coming out for more and there was no way for me to keep Nate and him apart. Even a quiet 10-year old's energy is a better match for a young dog than a cat, though, I think.

Santino hid under my bed the first two days, and then came out for tummy rubs. Oh, they liked Nate, but it was too much of a good thing. I thought it was a really good thing that we were out of the house so much. Sophie only came out when everyone was in bed.:-) She seems very happy now, allowing me to come closer to her than if to demonstrate how she feels about ME. :-)

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