Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting Cuter!

My blogs are neglected, but definitely not my cats!:-) If anything, they are cuter than ever! It must be the expensive food I am feeding them! Today's bill came to $80 with coupons, and that won't last a month, nor did it include treats.

So, about getting cuter.....I have lost 12#. No one notices. But back to my cute cats...just look how Santino and Issey forsake empty beds, preferring to curl up tightly together. And, what a nice color contrast they make!

The Red Prince is once again posing for the camera, and there has only been one vomiting incident in two weeks, which does wonders for the house.:-)

As I shower him with attention, he has stopped growling on general principles, and last night, interpreted Issey's actions as invitation to play rather than "pestering".

Rudy has never been a particularly funny cat, but he made me laugh out loud today. I had lain down for a nap, with a light blanket covering me. Too warm, I left my bare toes uncovered.

On the verge of falling asleep, I felt Issey between my lower legs. Oh good...I thought....he avoided pouncing on my chest first. And then, a short time later, I awoke to having my toes very gently nibbled on. It felt loving, it was so gentle.....not, mind you, that I particularly liked it. It was sweet, though. Eyes still closed, I reached down and patted Issey's head....only it wasn't. It was Rudy!


  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    Two blogs in a row w/px of Issy and Santino joined at the hip ... are they being Siamese? :) Nice to see Rudy mellowing.

  2. I think Issey and Santino were imprinted at an early age at Virginia and Paul's house where no one sleeps alone! I'll bet when Virginia has to travel on business, she takes stuffed animals along.:-)