Friday, May 13, 2011

Asleep on the Job

Oh, how I love those times that I can talk my studio assistants into going to sleep on the job!

Santino has always been amenable to staying in the chair while I am busy at my work table, even when he was a kitten. Issey, however, much prefers being ON the table, paws busy. He likes strings of beads, anything that can be rolled on the floor, as well as things which clink or tinkle....and I can count on him to walk
over and on what can be. I keep single beads, feathers, and jingle bells out of sight and reach. Paper or fibers with which I am working are a bit dicey as they are completely irresistible and quickly ruined.

I LOVE nap time, especially when they choose to nap right next to me.

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