Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cabin Fever?

Can cats who have never been outside (only Sophie is the exception), get cabin fever?  Well, if such a thing is contagious, they got it from me.

 I was mostly home bound for two weeks when my car was in the body shop,  The entire time I felt kind of discombobulated...unable to relax, settle down, and feeling lost.  Then again, my cats could have been behaving oddly ALL along, and I only noticed it now when I was home so much. :-)

Miki's favorite thing to do was to stagger around on my work table, inside a plastic bag which he always found, sometimes dragging the liner out of a trash can. His choosing my the table in my studio where I was working added a touch of drama.:-)  

Santino, my golden chocolate child who loves everyone, has begun asserting himself.  It looks like he thinks he should be Number ONE Cat.  Oh, and what a bratty look he has on his face when he does this!  Miki calls him on it, Rudy screams like a baby, and Sophie doesn't mind.  SHE is probably urging him on!  And, speaking of Sophie....She has gone from rubbing up against the boys to backing up in front of them, presenting her rear end for them to smell.  They are not interested.  I can imagine them muttering "Weirdo!".

Rudy, who has never groomed others, is now attempting to wash everyone!  Oh, he tries so hard...but, it's obvious he doesn't like it!  He gives a few licks, stops, shakes his head slightly, starts again, makes a face, and walks away.  Miki and Santino are happy to bathe him anyway....maybe he'll get the hang of it. 

Everyone is barely eating.  They are holding out for Friskies, I think. And, they are looking better and better.  Wish I were.


  1. Virignia TorschFebruary 25, 2010

    Firskies or Fancy Feast? Wait until they try Sheba...most expensive canned cat food on the market!

  2. Good to know about Sheba. Will keep that in mind in case I need to nurse someone without an appetite. Not going there now!
    What they want is Friskies dry food. I got two free bags and so now they are spoiled. Virginia, you feed Iams, right? I think I'll poll the breeder's Yahoo group. Trouble is I'll get the Australians and New Zealanders stirred up....They insist on RAW.

  3. Hi there. Just sitting here at Barnes & Noble, poking around on the web (I remembered you from the art marketing group). Did you know how dangerous those plastic bags can be for the kitties? Twice (ok I am a slow learner) mine got their necks through the hole, and they panicked and shot around the house like a rocket, nearly impossible to catch.

    Anyway, we only leave non-perilous bags around for their exploration.

    Signed, a fellow cat lover