Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Are They THINKING?

People who don't particularly like animals maintain that animals are not capable of thought, and people who don't like cats claim a cat is not smart enough to be able to think.  What foolishness!  I think these people are not very observant.

But, though I am certain that a cat's brain (at least MY cats' brains!) is constantly processing information and forming opinions, I am not able to always follow their logic.  Oh, I understand jealousy behavior, food preferences, and much more, but what about bathroom habits?  Thank goodness, my cats have decent bathroom habits, and I am only questioning how they make decisions.

I have read that a good cat mommy has a litter box for each cat plus one extra.  In reality, that's pretty ridiculous.  I have plenty of space for four cats but no way could accommodate five litter boxes!  But I do have TWO, one in my bathroom and one in the laundry room.  The one in the laundry room was an addition when Sophie and Santino joined our household.  I clean them every morning...and have thought about going to twice a day litter box duty.  But there I the thought....because a tiny voice inside my head screams "NO WAY!".

There would be no issue if all four cats used both boxes, but only Rudy and Sophie use the box in the laundry occasionally much as I can tell....on whim.  What are they thinking?  Their decisions appear to be made randomly.  but of course, I realize that cats are too smart to do anything randomly!  I must figure this out. :-).....obviously, I don't have a life!....or, I can just be grateful that they always DO use a place I have intended for their bathroom.


  1. Virginia TorschFebruary 12, 2010

    Yes be thankful they are well trained to use the litter box! I have a little kitten now who is a little slow in litter box trianing 101. He prefers our jacuzzi tub (which I don't mind really because it is easy to clean!) to poop in - before it was the sofa! Not so good!!! He will ocassionally use the litter box but really likes the tub. Weird!! But he was my little runt who got very sick when he was two weeks old so I am just grateful he is still alive and enjoying life!

  2. Our Sophie has gotten a bit lazy as she gets older...she will use her box to poop in, then RUN out & look for one of us to meow at. Then she leads the "chosen one" to the door of the bathroom (the only place to put her box in this house...I refuse to have it in the kitchen!) At the door to the bathroom, she looks inside at her box & sure enough...kitty poops that need to be covered. She has US well trained!